The Verdin Company™ has grown to become a diverse family of products — all designed to creatively enhance your community. With a legacy of innovation dating back to 1842, our brands are known the world over as leaders in their product category. They provide our customers with the craftsmanship and products to enrich communities, churches, parks, city streetscapes, and college campuses around the world — from bells, street clocks, tower clocks, bell and clock towers, to premium site furnishings.

There’s a story and inspiration behind every project.

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Power of Bells

The power of bells rings loud across Lisle, Illinois! This past Easter, St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church unveiled their new bell tower to the community, thanks to an anonymous donor. This unique tower shows the beauty of the refurbished bells with its open and “arch” like design.

Carillon Restoration for the Ages

A 57 bell carillon restoration for the ages. In 2021, The Verdin Company completed a restoration for First-Plymouth Congregational Church. Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, the Church features a 171 foot tower. Originally installed in 1931 with 48 bells, the carillon still contains 20 original bells.
1961 Post Card

Historical Cast Bells

Six generations of Verdin amounts to many historical cast bells. The Verdin Company recently acquired a post card sent to customers in 1961 off of Ebay. This historical piece encouraged us to remember bells cast throughout the years. From smooth cast to decorative embossed bells, take a look at some beautiful bronze bells from the past.
Hammonton Street Clock Restoration

An Extreme Street Clock Restoration!

An extreme street clock restoration for the town of Hammonton, NJ! Almost 100 years after the original installation, it was time to makeover an historic Seth Thomas Clock in Hammonton, NJ. The dismantle and transportation of the street clock to The Verdin Company, assisted in an amazing restoration.
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Historic Clock Tower Restoration

Let’s revisit some historic clock tower restoration projects and their new life! The Verdin Company would like to show you inside the towers and the stories of the restorations. First lets introduce each project. St. Peter Catholic Cathedral is in Erie, Pennsylvania built into a beautiful brick structure.
City of Regina, Saskatoon

Bell and Carillon Projects – Featured 2021

The year 2021 brought some pretty unforgettable bell and carillon projects for The Verdin Company. These are just a few. The five customers featured recently held dedications for important restorations and new bell ringing equipment projects and/or installations.