The Verdin Company™ story


The Verdin Company’s legacy, experience, and passion to innovate have been passed down over six generations. After 175 years, we still use craftsmanship honed over the decades to produce the highest-quality bells, clocks, and towers in the world.

The early days

When two French immigrant brothers, Francis de Sales and Michael Verdin, came to the Cincinnati, Ohio area from Alsace, France in 1835, they were determined to use their iron forging skills to build clocks in America. The two brothers immediately established a tower clock business in the famous Over-the-Rhine neighborhood in Cincinnati, where their first documented installation was a clock and bell equipment at Old St. Mary’s Church in 1842.

A milestone few companies reach

Six generations and 175 years later, The Verdin Company has grown from that modest beginning to become the industry leader in bells, bell equipment, restoration, digital carillons, and clocks. One of the nation’s oldest family-owned manufacturers, Verdin is known for innovation – including the electric clock winder in 1910, the first electric bell ringer in 1927, the largest swinging cast bell in America, and the only traveling bell foundry in the world. With a national sales force, a dedicated team of service professionals, and international recognition for craftsmanship, Verdin has over 55,000 installations in churches, universities, municipalities, and businesses across the country.

A six-generation family business

In the tradition of the last several generations The Verdin Company is led by three Verdin cousins Tim and Bob Verdin and Jill Verdin Crew. They learned the business from, and were inspired by, their fathers after that generation took ownership from their grandfathers. Tim, Bob and Jill are the 6th generation of our privately owned business which was founded in 1842.

Quality products and solid customer relationships are Verdin’s most important goals. After more than 175 years, The Verdin Company continues to have an impact on the industry as a pioneer and innovator.

Our values

  • Customer-focused

  • Credible, trusted partner

  • Attention to detail

  • Passion and innovation

  • Quality craftsmanship

  • Long-term relationships







Verdin 175th Anniversary Bell


Enjoy the video to learn more about the Verdin 175th anniversary bell created to mark a special milestone in the history of The Verdin Company.

The Verdin timeline

Innovation is the hallmark of Verdin. Since the first installation in 1842, Verdin has pioneered multiple breakthroughs in the bell and clock industry, and acquired several bell foundries and related businesses.


Two French immigrant brothers, Francis de Sales and Michael Verdin, immigrated to the Cincinnati, Ohio area from Alsace, France in 1835, and established the Verdin & Brother company, a tower clock business on Vine and 12th Street.

Francis de Sales Verdin, First Generation The Verdin Company


First installation: Tower clock

Old Saint Marys Catholic Church, Cincinnati, Ohio

Verdin & Brother built the clock and bell equipment for Old St. Mary’s, Cincinnati, Ohio. Today, the original face and mechanism are still in place, although the weights and pendulum were removed when the clock was electrified by Verdin 100 years after its installation. Old St. Mary’s is the oldest clock tower in Cincinnati, and one of the oldest in the United States.


Invents continuous mechanical winder

Alois Nicolas Verdin, second generation, invents the continuous mechanical winder for tower clocks. He was recognized as one of the region’s most distinguished inventors in the field of time-keeping.

Alois Nicholas Verdin, Master Clock Inventor


Creates America’s first electric bell ringer

Verdin Electric Bell Ringer, 1927

As electricity became more widely available, Innes Theopholis (I.T.) Verdin, third generation, invented America’s first electric bell ringer. Prior to his invention, bells were rung by hand by pulling a rope.


4th generation

In 1934, leadership of the company passed from I.T. Verdin to his sons Robert Verdin, Sr., Ralph Verdin, and Forrest Verdin. Together, they modernized the company’s products and continued the trend set by I.T. Verdin of introducing electrification to many installations that were manually operated.


Introduces electronic bell carillons

These new carillons amplify bell sounds through speakers.

Old I.T. Verdin Carillon


Acquires Vanduzen Bell Foundry


5th generation

Fifth generation, James Verdin, Robert Verdin, Jr. and David Verdin take over business.  Create national sales force selling tower and street clocks, cast bronze bells, bell ringing equipment and electronic carillons.


Acquires Deagan Tubular Chime Company


Purchases VanBergen Bell Foundry

Harmannus (Harry) H. VanBergen grew up in the bell business and represents the ninth generation of the vanBergen family. VanBergen was founded and cast their first bells in 1795. Harry studied casting, tuning, and playing in Europe, and his bell expertise has been developed and honed over a lifetime. He currently works for The Verdin Company.

vanBergen Bell Company Logo


Creates the world’s largest swinging bell

Verdin designed and manufactured the world’s largest swinging bell—the 66,600-pound World Peace Bell—to commemorate the Millennium.

World Peace Bell, Newport, Kentucky


Creates world’s only Bell Foundry on Wheels

Verdin Bell Foundry On Wheels Bell Casting, Las Vegas, NV

To celebrate the Ohio Bicentennial, Verdin created the world’s first traveling bell foundry. The Bell Foundry on Wheels was designed to more easily cast bells on site in each Ohio county.


Purchases Stoermer Bell Foundry

The Stoermer Bell Foundry was established in Canada in 1931 when Carl Stoermer emigrated to Kitchener, Ontario.


Purchases Belltron U.S.A.


Purchases Canterbury International

Founded by Larry Snyder, Canterbury has been designing and crafting commercial site furnishings since 1962.


Acquires Schulmerich® Carillons

Schulmerich Carillons Logo

George J. Schulmerich pioneered the field of electro-mechanical bells and carillons in 1932 with the first digital bell music. He discovered that tiny rods of cast bronze struck with miniature hammers produced audible and pure bell tones that could be amplified electronically to produce a rich, sonorous tone.


Introduces Verdin organ and piano line

Verdin’s organ product line enhances organ music by adding bell voices to existing organs.

Verdin Organ Division logo


Verdin 175th Anniversary logo

In 2017, Verdin celebrates its 175th anniversary as a family business. Verdin has over 55,000 installations worldwide and is the oldest privately-held manufacturing business in Ohio.

Today Verdin is led by the sixth generation of Verdins – cousins Bob Verdin III, Tim Verdin and Jill Verdin Crew.  Like their family members before them, today’s sixth generation leads the industry by with old-world craftsmanship, modern technology and innovation offering creative ideas, new clock and bell products, and unparalleled customer service.

The Verdin family and the Bell Foundry on Wheels crew with the Florida Governor (2014)