The inspiring sound of bells

The sound of bells in the form of a digital electronic carillon is one of the best investments you can make to create a sense of community. Where bells ring, people come together. For centuries the sound of bells has ordered our lives, warned of dangers and prompted us to pray. Bells still act as an outreach today as they announce the presence of your church, community, college, and cemetery


Inspire and reach out to the community

The sound of pealing bells, sacred hymns and spiritual melodies call the community and your church members to worship and send the assembled out to be the people of God in action. Bells lift our spirits as we begin to worship, provide a source of strength as we leave a memorial service and bring joy as we celebrate a wedding.


Connect with the sound of bells

Carillons bring the community together with daily timekeeping and seasonal music ringing out from the town square, city hall or a park. Many communities create memorials to veterans or first responders to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. A musical tribute will touch the heart with the sound of bells. Use our Mass Notification System to improve safety.


Carillons add a sense of prestige to campus

The sound of bells enhances campus gathering places and landmarks. They toll the time, play seasonal music and broadcast school songs. For a school theatre or chapel, bring the sound of bells inside and outside simultaneously when interfaced with an organ or other keyboard. Or enhance safety with our Mass Notification System.


Music to inspire, honor & comfort

Provide comfort and assurance and a sense of remembrance among those who come to mourn by playing a loved one’s favorite hymns or songs. Bugles, bagpipe and tap & volley can enhance a military or public service funeral. Warn guests of changes in weather with our Mass Notification System in our Schulmerich carillon instruments.

One powerful family of digital electronic carillons

Verdin & Schulmerich offer the bestselling, best-in-class carillon bell systems to meet your needs. Authentic bell voices, ease of use, unmatched versatility and proven reliability … you can rest assured that you’ve made a wise investment backed by the oldest and largest bell & digital electronic carillon bells manufacturer with excellent service since 1842.

All Verdin and Schulmerich digital carillons offer:

  • Color touch screens
  • Authentic bell sounds
  • Remote control options
  • Proven digital reliability with no moving parts
  • Comprehensive carillon bell song libraries
  • Liturgical bells for worship/Mass functions
  • Clock chimes and hour strikes
  • Advance calendars for future scheduling
  • Customizable carillon bell sound configurations
  • Built & supported by Verdin

We stand by our carillons with proven reliability since 1842. Guaranteed.

If you do not absolutely love your new electronic carillon bells, we will gladly offer you a full refund or exchange within 30 days.

Schulmerich® g5 Celebration Carillon

The ultimate performance carillon bell instrument.

Schulmeric Symphonic Carillon

Schulmerich has long been recognized as the tonal standard of the industry. The g5’s entirely new approach to bell sampling gives each sound its own personality, just like an actual cast bronze bell. The Celebration, our top-of-the-line g5 carillon, offers the ultimate in sound and musical performance because a carillon is meant to be played. For more information on the entire family of Schulmerich Carillon instruments click the link below.

Bell Voices

  • Individual digitally sampled bells playing “live” every time
  • Every bell is regulated by pitch, volume, harmonic content and spatial location
  • Eight primary bell voices with the ability to create thousands of combination voices on multiple keyboards

Ease of Use

  • 15-inch color touch screen, the largest in the industry
  • Intuitive operational instruction on every screen
  • Network remote operation
  • Mobile device access from anywhere in the world


  • Built-in “Free Choice” library of over 7,800 songs
  • Carillon songs can be searched by title, genre, composer and tune
  • Multi and single keyboard organ & digital piano interfaces
  • Perpetual year Western and Orthodox liturgical calendar
  • Customizable liturgical swinging and tolling bells
  • Multi-tasking functions capability
  • Customizable Emergency Notification System
  • Create your own music from tolling icons, keyboard or music notation software

Verdin Supreme Touch Carillon

Extraordinary versatility to create your own music.

Verdin Supreme Carillon

The Supreme carillon offers the true sound of cast bronze bells in a digital carillon with a flexible operating system. The Supreme is a musical carillon instrument that allows a musician to compose, perform and record bell music when paired with our optional touch sensitive keyboard. The Supreme includes an extensive music library.

Bell Voices

  • Includes music capabilties in multiple voices:
    Cast bronze bells
    American bells
    Flemish bells
    European bells
    Tubular chimes
    English bells
  • Accompanying voices:
    Orchestral harp
    Orchestral strings

Ease of Use

  • 9-inch color touch screen
  • Full function wireless remote
  • Computer/LAN network internet connection
  • Verdin Cloud Router for remote programming


  • Add a 61-note MIDI keyboard to play the bells live or record bell music for future use
  • Split the keyboard to add a voice to accompany the bells
  • Connect to your MIDI organ to accompany the bells
  • Control real bell ringing or clocks

Verdin Adagio II Carillon

Operate multiple bell voices from anywhere.

The Adagio II digital electronic carillon offers a unique combination of realistic bell sounds, ease of operation, versatility, and reliability. The three-bell voice repertoire and ease of scheduling makes the Adagio II carillon ideal for giving voice to bell towers, tower clocks, memorials and monuments at churches or public settings.

Bell Voices

  • Includes music in three voices:
    Cast bronze bells
    Bells with harp accompaniment
    American bells

Ease of Use

  • 7-inch color touch screen
  • Computer/LAN network internet connection
  • Mobile device access
  • Play any music or bell selection instantly using the full function wireless remote control


  • Add your own mp3 music files
  • Day/night volume control
  • Appropos seasonal music scheduling
  • Software lock and security passwords to access carillon

Verdin Sonata Carillon

Delivers the beautiful sounds of cast bronze bells.

The Sonata is the best carillon value in its class, featuring stellar bell and sound quality, unmatched ease of operation and proven reliability. The Sonata digital electronic carillon comes with easy-to-follow menus on a seven-inch color touch screen. It offers the enjoyment of real bell sounds, hymns, and a wide variety of musical selections with the touch of a finger.

Bell Voices

  • Captures true cast bronze bell sounds from a 48-bell carillon for recorded music, bell rings, peals and tolls

Ease of Use

  • 7-inch color touch screen to play music at the touch of a finger
  • Understandable menu selections
  • 8-function instant play wireless remote
  • Simple scheduling for future play


  • Configure one of two bell sets to meet customer needs
  • Music for all seasons
  • Seven user-defined instant play buttons

Is funding holding you back?


Donors can make bells or digital carillon bells a reality. Many of our bells and electronic carillon bells have been funded by single donors, donor families or church groups.


Our Equipment Financing Program makes it easier than ever to bring the music of bells to you … with easy monthly payments, competitive rates, and limited impact on your cash flow.