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Our nationwide full-time sales, installation, and service staff is the largest in the industry, and as dedicated as the artisans, craftsmen, and engineers who create our bells and clocks. The Verdin Company™ continues to invest in quality, reliability, and unparalleled service, and has the financial capital to provide support long after the initial installation.

Bell restoration installation at Christ Church Greenwich, CT

A team of experienced, licensed, and insured Verdin-certified service technicians are ready to assist you with the installation and maintenance of your Verdin bells, bell ringing equipment, or clocks.

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We can be reached by phone on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm ET at our Service Hotline.

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Having your bells serviced and maintained annually is critical to maintain long-term durability and safety.

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  • Cast Bells
  • Bell ringing equipment
  • Automate bell ringing
  • Electronic carillon systems
  • Post clocks & tower clocks
  • Towers
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  • Annual planned maintenance service
  • Bell and bell ringing equipment inspection and repair
  • Historic tower clock restoration
  • Upgrade electronic carillon
  • Post clock restoration and repair

Using custom bell ringing equipment and genuine Verdin™ clock parts

We stand behind our products

Our products are created and manufactured by the most experienced craftsmen in the industry, who use the best processes and materials available. We do the little things to ensure a great product, and guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship with an industry leading limited warranty and phone support for the life of your Verdin product.


A team of experienced, licensed, insured Verdin-certified service technicians are ready to assist you with the installation and maintenance of your Verdin bells, bell ringing equipment, or clocks. Our service technicians are also trained in the diagnosis and repair of bells and bell ringing equipment, electronic carillons, tower clocks, and post clocks.


Having your bells and clocks serviced and maintained annually is critical to long-term durability. Our full-service maintenance program ensures that a Verdin-approved technician will inspect your equipment regularly. We provide genuine Verdin parts, discounts on repair parts and new equipment, and priority service appointments.

What’s in your tower?


Contact Verdin for a comprehensive visual inspection and analysis of your bell, bell equipment, and bell tower structure to identify potential risks and complete any necessary work to restore your bells to their original beauty and resonance.


Ask a Verdin expert

Whether it be a single bell, peal, chime, or carillon, the mechanism which causes the bells to sound is called the action. Many recent developments in bell action have made instruments easier to play and more musically sensitive and have given new life to single bells and carillons alike. Replacement clappers and transmission systems with sealed ball bearing movement designed and engineered by The Verdin Company have greatly improved the playability of many bell instruments. Electric actions and automatic bell controllers? We service and repair these, too. Verdin manufactures all bell ringing equipment and hardware for new and existing bells.

After a detailed acoustical analysis, bells which are out of pitch or out of character with the rest of the instrument can, in most cases, be returned to our facility in Cincinnati for retuning. We also repair, refinish and recondition damaged or corroded bells to recapture their original beauty.

Many churches and universities have chosen to have their instruments brought back to life and to add additional bells. Single bells may be combined with others to form peals. Chimes of 9 to 14 bells and smaller carillons may be augmented to give greater musical service. Verdin is America’s leading installer of new cast bronze bells.

While cast bronze bells themselves are, for the most part, indestructible, the many mechanical parts which enable the bell to sound and the supporting bell frame are not. Constant exposure to weather, extremes of temperature and even neglect, the mechanical elements may be deteriorating, rusting into dust. Even bell instruments only a few years old may be in need of attention.

Some of the areas that may need attention in your bell tower:
The Bell Frame – Your bell or bells may be suspended from a steel framework which can rust if unprotected. Areas with superficial rust should be scraped and the entire frame brushed with a high quality paint. No sprayer should ever be used. The painting of the bell frame can be handled by your local painting contractor; however, a professional, familiar with the operation of bells, should oversee the procedure. Painting the wrong thing could have disastrous consequences.

Bell Support Bolts – Bells are secured in the bell frame by steel support bolts. These bolts run through the top part of the bell, through the steel or wood framework, and are muted on the top. The section of the bolt that passes through the beam and bell is subject to electrolytic corrosion. In this area water cannot evaporate and will rust the support bolts, decreasing their strength. The danger is that it is impossible to determine how much rust exists and how much deterioration has occurred. The only way to check for trouble is to remove several bolts from bells.

Contact us for an evaluation of your bells. A Verdin representative will examine your bells, frame, action, and electronic controllers. You will be given a report on the condition of your bells and bell ringing equipment, and a recommendation as to what should be done to keep them safe, and working properly.

Yes, Verdin has carillons that will control and ring your bells. Be sure to mention how many bells you have when discussing your bell ringing needs with a Verdin representative.

Tapes are old technology and parts for vintage, tape based carillon systems are no longer available. Our new digital carillons have hundreds of bell sounds and musical selections built into its memory and will not require replacement tapes. Upgrading to a new digital carillon will also provide far greater flexibility, ease of scheduling, and long term reiliabity.

There is a possibility that we may be able to use your existing sound system depending on the age and condition. When investing in a new carillon, components should be carefully evaluated to provide the best sound and long term reliability. The drivers should also be examined for possible replacement. You wouldn’t buy a new car and use your old tires now would you?

A “typical” configuration usually consists of the digital carillon, amplifier, and speaker/drivers. A wireless remote control is often used as is a locking steel cabinet to secure the carillon. Interior speakers and outside bell shells are additional options. The customer will need to lay speaker wiring, supply electrical power, and provide safe access.

This is an option especially if one at the church has an electrical background or installation experience. We will supply an electrical wiring diagram, setup guide, and toll free telephone support if you need assistance.

Electronic carillon bells are currently in high demand. Verdin will always strive to accommodate your installation request. Timing depends on your geographical location, if you want Verdin to do the installation, and orders in hand. We suggest your order be submitted as quickly as practical so it may join the production queue.

All Verdin clocks are completely weatherproof and carry the Underwriters Laboratories Listing #863 for Timepieces or Timekeeping Devices having passed temperature, dielectric voltage withstand insulation resistance, rain, and impact tests. All components and internal wiring are compliant with UL requirements, which is unique in our industry. Every time we change as much as a screw in one of our clocks this listing must be updated. This listing is unique to our industry. Visit www.ul.com for more information.

Post Clocks are currently in high demand. Verdin will always strive to accommodate your installation request. Timing depends on your geographical location, if you want Verdin to do the installation, and orders in hand. We suggest your order be submitted as quickly as practical so it may join the production queue.

Yes. We have available LED lighting on all two-faced and four-faced street clocks, as well as our tower clocks.

The custom header is the area located above the dial wherein wording of the customer’s choice can be placed. Most cities, towns, golf courses or colleges/universities place the name of the city, town, golf course or college/university in this area, as well as the year they were established.

Yes. Verdin can place wording or a logo of your choice on the dial. The logo or wording can be placed at your discretion on the dial. When deciding where on the dial this information should be applied, drawings are prepared to allow the customer to view how the finished work will appear on the dial. These drawings must be approved by the customer before the item is added to the dial.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements are available. The Verdin Company is a full service company offering sales, service, installation and restoration crews around the country. The Verdin Company can supervise the installation of your clock as well as maintain the clock, with all the work being accomplished by a Verdin “certified” clock specialist.