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Two internationally acclaimed bell companies joined forces.  The van Bergen Company, 18th century Dutch bellfounders, merged with The Verdin Company, the premier supplier of bells, carillons & clocks in the U.S.  Trust the bell experts for the most comprehensive assistance in the industry.

Harry van Bergen bell expert

Harry van Bergen – Carillon Consultant

Mr. Harmannus (Harry) H. van Bergen, one of the foremost carillon consultants in the world, is the 7th generation of the van Bergen Bell Company.  He brings his vast knowledge of cast bronze bells, bell & clock towers, and carillons to Verdin … and to you, our customer.  Harry’s bell expertise developed over his lifetime, giving him the experience to make the best possible bell recommendations.

Mr. van Bergen is available for consultation on your cast bronze carillon, tower or digital carillon projects.  He specializes in bell & clock towers for universities, municipalities, and churches and can work with you from initial concept to completion and dedication.

The Art of Bellfounding

Bellfounding is truly the work of artists who have developed, through painstaking effort, the necessary skills to create a beautiful and virtually indestructible instrument.

Every bell is custom made of bronze which is 80% copper and 20% tin.  A mold is built using a rotating strickle board that determines the profile of the bell.  A false bell and an exterior mold are created.  The false bell is removed creating a space big enough to receive the molten bronze.  Bronze is heated to 2,200 degrees before it is poured.

After cooling and cleaning, the bell is ready for the last and most important step: tuning.  By testing with tuning forks and sophisticated electronic instruments, a bellfounder can verify harmonic variances.  By shaving metal from the bell in the exact places, the notes can be lowered to perfection.  This remarkable process is used for all sizes of bells.

Carillon Bell & Clock Tower in Carmel, Indiana

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