An extreme street clock restoration for the town of Hammonton, NJ!

Almost 100 years after the original installation, it was time to makeover an historic Seth Thomas Clock in Hammonton, NJ. The dismantle and transportation of the street clock to The Verdin Company, assisted in an amazing restoration. Factory repairs to the support, new paint, and some new parts make the project look brand new. Located on the corner of Central Avenue and Vine, the dark green with gold trim glows in the sun. Also, at night the clock faces shine with new MoonglowTM LED backlights. While it looks fantastic, it is also fully operational with the correct times. A new Verdin MCC3 clock controller, which sets the time and date, makes this easy.

Here are some of the great before and after photos captured of the street clock.

Restoration Photos

Clock in transportation to and from The Verdin Company. Photo at right used with permission with credit to The Hammonton Gazette

The head of the street clock, featuring two faces and the dials.

Close up of the detail on the head. Shows the numbers, gold trim and artwork.

Under the head and leading to the post of the clock. Beautiful trim outlines the details with the lion’s heads underneath.

Another angle of the trim at the top of the post.

The chamber and base of the clock.

A close up of another angle on the base of the post. Shows the fine detail of the paint.

Lastly, the clock restored in its entirety.

The Verdin Company loves to see historic street clocks back in action! Furthermore, we would like to thank Hammonton for trusting us with this restoration. This article by The Hammonton Gazette shows just how important this clock is to the community. Bob Schenk, the clock committee chairman said,

“It’s been a long time, but we feel lucky. It’s a great day for us, Hammonton… for everyone”.

Once again, what a special project, and The Verdin Company is grateful to have been a part of this street clock restoration.

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