1961 Post Card

Historical Cast Bells

Six generations of Verdin amounts to many historical cast bells. The Verdin Company recently acquired a post card sent to customers in 1961 off of Ebay. This historical piece encouraged us to remember bells cast throughout the years. From smooth cast to decorative embossed bells, take a look at some beautiful bronze bells from the past.

World Peace Bell

A symbol of peace and freedom, the World Peace Bell sits across the river from Cincinnati in Newport, Kentucky. Elevated in the air, the bell weighs an extraordinary 66,000 pounds! This makes it the largest swinging bell in the world. Cast into the bronze are signs and words of peace such as human figures holding hands. Designed and installed in 1999, Verdin has continued maintenance for 20+ years.

Honor Bell

Cast in 2015, the Honor Bell is “Forged from Honor” to remember our nations service members. It is quit literally, forged from honor with military medals incorporated into the bell, mixed with the typical bronze. Decorated with etched inscriptions, the bell features words of dedication and 7 stars. One star is cast-in (raised) to signify active duty service members killed in action and reflect on the value of the life that was given. This is one of more Honor Bells to come.

Verdin 175th Anniversary Bell

This 1,000 pound embossed bell features historical milestones to The Verdin Company. Cast-in around the bell are representations of different events throughout our history. Some include Verdin’s first clock and bell installation, the Ohio bicentennial and move of the foundry. At the top of the bell is the crown. In addition, the crown includes six sets of hands for each generation of the Verdin Family that worked full time in the company up until 2017. Check out this video to see more on the Anniversary Bell!

Paul Revere Bell

Also In 2017, a restored Revere Bell was reinstalled at the Truro Meeting House. The Revere Bell restoration was necessary due to a previously failed repair attempt of a crack on the crown portion of the bell. Historical castings are very difficult to weld when the exact alloy is not known. However, the Project Architect recommended that the Friends of the Truro Meeting House and the First Congregational Parish of Truro contact The Verdin Company. Verdin inspected the bell on site and developed a plan to repair, protect, and preserve it for the future.

Spirit of Iowa

With help from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Iowa had their own in state casting at the 2017 State Fair with the use of Verdin’s Bell Foundry on Wheels. The bell itself is portable, made to travel to different communities and tell stories of Iowa Veterans. Embossed and cast into the bell are the words “Spirit of Iowa”, along with six stars and other state symbols. The custom blue paint compliments the other cast-in designs..

The Verdin Company makes products that stand the test of time. The impact a bell has, even years after it is cast, is always wonderful to see. From the first electronic swinging bell, to the restoration of a historic bell, history never dies.