A sense of place and focal point

The powerful presence of a bell or clock tower immediately creates a sense of place in any gathering spot. Towers can be constructed of almost any material to house bells, clocks, and carillons. The Verdin Company™ offers several standard designs, as well as the ability to create completely customized towers. Built in our factory by skilled craftsmen, towers are then transported to your site and installed by Verdin™ technicians, who oversee every aspect of the installation.


Create a cherished landmark

Our bell towers enhance communities across the country by combining the distinctive elements of bells and architecture into a stunning showpiece that immediately distinguishes any setting.

Bell towers by Verdin™ are specifically designed to preserve and enrich the aesthetic and acoustic qualities of our cast bronze bells. Because we use the same precision in constructing a bell tower as we do in crafting bells, our bell towers become cherished landmarks on college campuses, churches, city centers, public parks, and institutions. Adding a bell tower is an investment in the cultural beauty of your community—one that will last generations.


A gathering place

Timeless, majestic clock towers have become the pride of many town squares, business parks, shopping areas, and college campuses. The imperial presence of a clock tower immediately creates a “sense of place” in virtually any gathering area.

Verdin™ has been building and installing high-end clock towers for over a century. Based on years of craftsmanship and skill, the quality of our products is unparalleled. Our professionals work closely with you to choose and design a clock tower that complements and enhances the surrounding architectural style. Clock towers can be enhanced by the addition of cast bells or an electronic carillon that rings the hour and plays bell music.


From design to fabrication to installation

In addition to our standard options for bell and clock towers, Verdin can customize your tower design to seamlessly incorporate the surrounding architectural style. We welcome the opportunity to design a new tower that coordinates with the century-old buildings on a campus; continues a vision for a public space; or provides a place for church bells to ring again. When it comes to properly incorporating bells and clock timepieces into a custom-designed tower, no one is more capable than Verdin. For 175 years, Verdin has been the choice for exceptional quality and majestic bell and clock towers.


A place for bells to ring

Verdin offers a wide range of bell towers, all designed to inspire your church and extended community with the rich sound of cast bells and become cherished legacies for generations.

Church bells ringing stir deep emotions and memories — and call many to the church and inspire us to join together as a community.

If your bells are silent, in need of repair, or tower structure is unsafe, Verdin can restore the distinct bell sounds in a bell tower that provides bell sounds and creates an identity for your church.

There’s a story and inspiration behind every project.

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