Carillon Restoration for the Ages

A 57 bell carillon restoration for the ages. In 2021, The Verdin Company completed a restoration for First-Plymouth Congregational Church. Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, the Church features a 171 foot tower. Originally installed in 1931 with 48 bells, the carillon still contains 20 original bells.

The recent restoration was much needed. After a routine check on the Church’s practice carillon, it was easy to see corrosion was starting to set in. The bells were then taken back to the Verdin factory. Work on this instrument includes…

  • Bell frame repairs.
  • Sandblast, galvanize and paint.
  • New cast iron clappers.
  • Lastly, other upgrades to maintain its beautiful sound

Below are some before and after pictures of the carillon.

In this photo, you can see multiple bells with the old clappers. Attached to the clappers is the cables used to play the instrument.

After the restoration, here is what the new clappers look like! They were installed on 17 of the bells.

Next, this rusted support plate is certainly not what you want to see.

Here are the new support plates that were installed on 16 of the bells.

The clappers, support plates and other bell equipment parts, coupled with the carillonneur, create music for the community to enjoy. Yes, the carillon is still hand played by a carillonneur! First, they climb the 100 step, spiral stair case, then play for all to hear. The carillon is played once a week and was even played throughout the COVID pandemic.

Make sure to check out the article and video by Nebraska Public Media. It features an interview with President Tim Verdin and you can hear the beautiful sound of this instrument.

The Verdin Company is happy to help the tower sing and give the gift of bells to Lincoln, Nebraska. This truly is a carillon restoration for the ages.

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