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    A look at all three tower clocks

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  • St. Peter Cathedral, Tower Clock

    Photo inside the tower, looking out through the clock

  • San Augustin Cathedral, Tower Clock

    Photo inside the tower, looking out through the clock

  • Somervell Courthouse, Tower Clock

    Photo inside the tower, looking out through the clock

Let’s revisit some historic clock tower restoration projects and their new life! The Verdin Company would like to show you inside the towers and the stories of the restorations. First lets introduce each project. St. Peter Catholic Cathedral is in Erie, Pennsylvania built into a beautiful brick structure. The next tower is from Laredo, Texas. This cathedral features a four face tower that looks over the Rio Grande. And last is Somervell Courthouse. Another project in Texas, this courthouse has a tower with a fantastic view as far as the eye can see. Now, more insight into each clock tower and their new life.

St. Peter Catholic Cathedral

For about four years, the clock had not been working at St. Peter Cathedral. Rust caused the hands to dangle from the tower and read different times. For that reason, Erie, PA citizens were happy to hear of the clock restoration. With the addition of a working clock, the tower is back to being a focal point for the community. The town sure does look great from the view of the clock as you can see in the pictures above.

San Agustin Cathedral

This historic cathedral is a landmark in the Laredo community. The entirety of the building is to have a renovation for the 20th anniversary of the diocese. Therefore, the clocks were just a part in the whole plan. This cathedral has a long history that can be read more about in this article by Virtual Builders Exchange. The clock itself needed a lot of work, as it had not been maintained for many years. The Verdin Company was honored to do the restoration as we had done work before on the tower in the 1950’s. Enjoy the fantastic look at the river from the tower, and an even more beautiful Cathedral!

Somervell Courthouse

Lastly, looking over the trees of Texas, is the Somervell courthouse. The clock could use some love and attention, after it had not read the right time in a decade or more. Hence, the new timepieces and four sets of clock hands. The correct time was not the only thing missing. The hour strikes and capability of playing other songs was also gone. With the addition of an Adagio II carillon, those sounds are back!

Clock towers are Back!

It always feels good to look back at projects from a few years ago. To The Verdin Company, it is more than just telling time. The history of the buildings, clocks and towers are something special and we are so proud to be apart of their history. These are just a historic clock tower restoration projects, tell us your favorite on our coinciding social media posts!

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