Our street clocks are found in America’s finest communities.

Verdin™ street clocks have been recognized for their craftsmanship, longevity, and elegance. Manufactured at our factory in Cincinnati, Ohio, our street clocks grace some of the finest streets in America and are focal points and gathering places in communities nationwide. Many Verdin street clocks are the only post clock awarded a U.L. Listing as a timepiece (UL#863).



Cities & Towns

Verdin street clocks create focal points, gathering places, and a sense of community all over America. You’ll find Verdin clocks at thousands of locations, including city streetscapes, public spaces, and community gathering spots.

Only Verdin clocks

Many Verdin clocks are the only street clocks awarded a U.L. Listing as a timepiece (#863) in Canada and the United States.

Verdin is a licensed vendor of Rotary post clocks and tower clocks. Verdin can place wording or the Rotary emblem on the dial.

If your post clock is looking timeworn, let Verdin restore it to its original perfection. Learn more ›

Add the Westminster chime and hour strike, and seasonal carillon music to your clock. Learn more ›

Every post clock is made to order and can be customized. Explore the possibilities.

Four-faced Rotary post clock, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

(Photo courtesy of Sue Sgambati/BarrieToday)

Post clock styles

Two-faced clocks

Verdin offers a number of standard styles of 2-faced street clocks, ranging in height from 10′ to 17′. These clocks are ideal for city sidewalks or courtyards, and can be customized to include the name of your club, business, or town. All Verdin street clocks are completely weatherproof and come with backlit dials and a choice of standard face and hand styles. Enhancements such as accent paint, logo dials, custom colors, and chimes are among the options available in all Verdin street clocks.

Four-faced clocks

Verdin’s four-faced street clocks are our most popular style. They come in several standard models ranging in height from 12′ to 20′. Four-faced street clocks are especially useful in multi-directional locations such as campus quads, town squares, or near intersections. They can be customized to include the name of your business, school, or town. Additional enhancements such as accent paint, logo dials, and chimes are available. All Verdin street clocks are completely weatherproof and come with backlit dials and a choice of standard face and hand styles. Custom colors available.

Design your post clock

We specialize in custom manufactured post clocks in a variety of sizes and styles. Contact us to see additional designs and styles. All clocks and components are UL-approved. A wide variety of case styles, numerals, dials, and hands are available. Options include the latest technology utilizing a GPS movement which automatically re-sets the clock for bi-yearly time changes and power failures. Other options are Westminster chimes, carillon chimes and hour strike.


Timeless styles

Post Clock Restoration

Verdin can restore your historic or Verdin clock to its original perfection, adding years of service and greater efficiency. We renovate post clocks either on-site or in our factory using only genuine Verdin parts.

Restoration will truly transform your landmark!

No doubt, your post clock is a focal point that people have enjoyed for many years. But time takes its toll. Years of harsh weather conditions, even pollution, can dull the finish on your post clock causing your once sparkling ammenity to lose a bit of its lustre.

Your post clock is an intricate timepiece and its restoration should be done by the experts. The highly skilled crafts-people at Verdin take pride in the attention to detail required to fully restore your clock and return it to its original beauty.

Verdin post clock restoration includes:

  • Multipoint inspection
  • New crystal-clear dial covers
  • New digital Master Clock Controller with automatic DST updates
  • Upgrade to new LED lights
  • Minor repairs to existing painted surface
  • Painting of entire clock to freshen color and finish
  • New gold accent paint

Factory Restoration

On-site Restoration

Restoring your street clock guide