An Extreme Street Clock Restoration!

An extreme street clock restoration for the town of Hammonton, NJ!

Almost 100 years after the original installation, it was time to makeover an historic Seth Thomas Clock in Hammonton, NJ. The dismantle and transportation of the street clock to The Verdin Company, assisted in an amazing restoration.

Historic Clock Tower Restoration

Let’s revisit some historic clock tower restoration projects and their new life! The Verdin Company would like to show you inside the towers and the stories of the restorations. First lets introduce each project. St. Peter Catholic Cathedral is in Erie, Pennsylvania built into a beautiful brick structure.

Historic church bells note city anniversary

There is more than one way to preserve the sound of historic church bells. These in a decorative clock tower to note a city Anniversary is one we love at The Verdin Company.

Historic tower clock refurbished and dedicated

St. Anthony Church, in the Madisonville neighborhood of Cincinnati, formally lit and dedicated their historic tower clock refurbished 12/2020. The 4/2020 presentation of the work and clock lighting can be watched on St. Anthony’s Facebook Page here.

Barrie’s newest landmark

The four-faced, 18-foot tall post clock was installed in Barrie, Ontario, Canada to honor Canada’s 150th birthday and the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International’s 100th anniversary. The clock has become Barrie’s newest landmark and completes a revamped waterfront that includes a new footbridge, separate bike path and extended boardwalk.

“We are thrilled with the public support of this initiative,” project co-chairperson Arlette Utton said. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for the citizens of Barrie to participate in this community project and leave their mark.”

At the base of the post clock are more than 1,000 personalized granite bricks that were sold to fund the cost of the entire waterfront project.

Verdin is a licensed vendor of Rotary post clocks and tower clocks.

Custom golf course post clocks

Verdin signature and custom course clocks have been featured at some of the most recognized golf courses and country clubs in the U.S.

Learn more about one of our golf course clocks at Old York Road Country Club and how they were able to create a successful campaign that raised the funds to install a championship golf clock for their Centennial.

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Tower clock at The Park at Wrigley

Day and night photos of the 10 foot in diameter Series I Verdin tower clock at Tower One Office Building across from Wrigley Field, Chicago. Hands and tick marks are LED lit.

Bell and clock tower at The University of Mississippi

Peddle Bell Tower

36 stunning bronze bells in the Peddle Bell Tower ring out a message of inspiration in the daily life at a public university. A keyboard enables the carillonneur to perform right on the instrument. The system can also be operated by a computerized, automatic system to ring out the hour, half hour, and special music such as The University of Mississippi alma mater. The bell tower and carillon are a gift to the university from Frank and Marge Peddle of Oxford.

Walking across a college or university campus can be one of the most memorable experiences of “place” that people ever encounter. At a university, prospective students, their parents, and faculty count the overall feel of a campus as one of the key decision points when selecting a school. The campus can have a calming effect as well as offer initial impression of the level of education and care that will be provided. In a sense, a campus is a temporary home to many different people who have many different needs. The challenge is making that home feel comfortable and a “place” they will remember fondly, come back to, support, and encourage the next generation of family to attend.

Custom painted Verdin post clock

Rockyford is a small praire village in Western Canada. The Verdin clock was installed outside the fire station in memory of two firefighters. The dial text reads: “Dedicated to Our Fallen.”

Verdin to Mark 175th Anniversary

To commemorate this milestone, the company will hold celebrations over the course of the year. The special events will include open house factory tours, customer receptions, bell castings in our factory and throughout the United States with the world’s only traveling bell foundry. Guests will learn about the incredible craftsmanship and artistry that has made Verdin well known as the maker of the world’s finest bell instruments and clocks for 175 years.