Peddle Bell Tower, University of Mississippi

Bell and clock tower at The University of Mississippi

Peddle Bell Tower

36 stunning bronze bells in the Peddle Bell Tower ring out a message of inspiration in the daily life at a public university. A keyboard enables the carillonneur to perform right on the instrument. The system can also be operated by a computerized, automatic system to ring out the hour, half hour, and special music such as The University of Mississippi alma mater. The bell tower and carillon are a gift to the university from Frank and Marge Peddle of Oxford.

Walking across a college or university campus can be one of the most memorable experiences of “place” that people ever encounter. At a university, prospective students, their parents, and faculty count the overall feel of a campus as one of the key decision points when selecting a school. The campus can have a calming effect as well as offer initial impression of the level of education and care that will be provided. In a sense, a campus is a temporary home to many different people who have many different needs. The challenge is making that home feel comfortable and a “place” they will remember fondly, come back to, support, and encourage the next generation of family to attend.