How Verdin restored a Paul Revere Bell

In 2017, a restored Revere Bell was reinstalled at the Truro Meeting House. The Revere Bell restoration was necessary due to a previously failed repair attempt of a crack on the crown portion of the bell. Historical castings are very difficult to weld when the exact alloy is not known. As a result, welds often fail and the cracks continued to grow. This risk meant that the bell could break apart if rung again. Project Architect Mark Almeda recommended that the Friends of the Truro Meeting House and the First Congregational Parish of Truro contact The Verdin Company. Verdin inspected the bell on site and developed a plan to repair, protect, and preserve it for the future. The first step was to remove the bell from the tower and ship it to the Verdin factory in Cincinnati so that it could be thoroughly examined and evaluated.

Read more about the plan and view photos of the Verdin restoration of this historical bell.