An Extreme Street Clock Restoration!

An extreme street clock restoration for the town of Hammonton, NJ!

Almost 100 years after the original installation, it was time to makeover an historic Seth Thomas Clock in Hammonton, NJ. The dismantle and transportation of the street clock to The Verdin Company, assisted in an amazing restoration.

Custom golf course post clocks

Verdin signature and custom course clocks have been featured at some of the most recognized golf courses and country clubs in the U.S.

Learn more about one of our golf course clocks at Old York Road Country Club and how they were able to create a successful campaign that raised the funds to install a championship golf clock for their Centennial.

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Custom painted Verdin post clock

Rockyford is a small praire village in Western Canada. The Verdin clock was installed outside the fire station in memory of two firefighters. The dial text reads: “Dedicated to Our Fallen.”

Light Clock at Carnegie Museum of Art

The Light Clock at the Carnegie Museum of Art, Oakland, PA. is part of a new interactive installation associated with “Lightime,” a yearlong slate of programming from the Hillman Photography Initiative. The installation is designed to measure and visualize time. Photos courtesy of Carnegie Museum of Art