Interactive Music Box, ArtWorks, Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio

The Pendleton Spinnradl

ArtWorks in Cincinnati sponsored the creation of these two kinetic sculptures which evoke the rich past and present of the Pendleton neighborhood. Community members contributed stories and imagery that inspired the artwork, which reflects the neighborhood’s unique legacy of architecture, social activism, cultural diversity, artistry and industry.


The custom-made music boxes play two different songs—one is a traditional German folk song, performed in combination with a dance that forms a star pattern. The second song is a ragtime piece which was composed in Cincinnati in the very early 1900s. The music box was designed and built by Reuge, a 150-year-old music box company based in Switerzerland. The Verdin Company fabricated the case and base of the of Spinnradl, in addition to supporting the assembly of the various moving parts and decorative elements.

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