The Honor Bell is a 1,000-pound bronze bell cast with artifacts from Colorado’s military servicemen and women, and rung by Colorado veterans at funeral and memorial services. The first Honor Bell was cast May 9th, of 2016 and dedicated on Memorial Day, May 30, 2016. When cast at The Verdin Company foundry, service related artifacts (dog tags, medals, badges, etc.) belonging to twelve deceased veterans from Colorado were added to the molten bronze. These artifacts include a Medal of Honor Commemorative Coin, a Purple Heart Medal, a Combat Infantry Badge, and nine other items that represent every conflict since World War II, every branch of service, and both enlisted and officer ranks. The inclusion of these artifacts make the bell truly “Forged From Honor.”

After the Memorial Day dedication, the Honor Bell forever tolls at Fort Logan National Cemetery during funeral and memorial services for veterans buried there. The goal of The Honor Bell Foundation is to have an Honor Bell at every National Cemetery and these tours are designed to generate interest and encourage citizens to begin the process for their city. Honor Bell Foundation is creating a community of veterans to foster public appreciation of military service and honor their fellow veterans with a proper, final tribute.

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