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The true sound of bells

Using the most sophisticated digital recording technology, Verdin has captured the sounds of cast bronze bells, enabling any church or community to add the warm authentic tones of real bells—including the Westminister chime and hour strike, liturgical bells, and seasonal music favorites. Our electronic bells set an uncompromised standard for fidelity: most people think they’re hearing real cast bronze bells.


True bell sounds bring inspiration to your church

For many of us, the sounds of pealing bells, sacred hymns, and spiritual melodies bring to mind a time with family, friends, and fellowship with each other. Bells lift our spirits as we enter church to worship, provide a source of strength as we leave a memorial service, and bring joy as we celebrate a wedding.


Enjoy bell music, peals, tolls, hymns, and the Westminster chime and time strike

Adding a Verdin or Schulmerich electronic digital carillon to your city hall, town square, church, college campus, or clock and bell tower enables you to select cast bronze bell music and melodies to ring out through the community, and on certain models compose. Choose from six electronic carillon systems, and easily schedule music and bells in advance. In addition, the Verdin Adagio II, The Supreme Touch, and the complete line of Schulmerich carillons enable you to schedule the ringing of existing cast bells.

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One powerful family of carillons

With Verdin you now have more choices and access to a whole new world of authentic carillon bell sounds and performance carillon systems. In 2014, Schulmerich Carillons was acquired by The Verdin Company. The hallmark of every Schulmerich digital carillon is the tonal quality and tradition of the carillon as a performance instrument. Today, there are over 25,000 Verdin and Schulmerich carillons across the U.S.

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Verdin and Schulmerich Best-in-Class Carillons


  • Wide variety of peals, tolls, swinging bells and melodies

  • Westminster chime and time strikes

  • Proprietary Verdin and Schulmerich digital bell samples and music files

  • Easy to program events calendar

  • Easy play, color touch control

  • All digital

  • Built-in song library

  • Toll-free phone support for the life of the carillon

  • 5-year parts and labor warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee


Easy to Use, Free Standing Carillons

Add the warm authentic tones of cast bells.

These Verdin and Schulmerich carillons are perfect for adding the warm, rich tones of real cast bronze bells, the Westminster chime and hour strike, liturgical bells, seasonal, patriotic, and general music to any church or community. Using the latest in digital technology, Verdin has reproduced bell sounds that are unmatched in fidelity of tone: most people think they’re hearing real bells. Easy to operate, and loaded with the largest bell music library available.

Verdin Sonata

Simple, easy to schedule bell sounds

Verdin Sonata Classic Digital Carillon

The Sonata provides all the basic features for those on a budget looking for the ease of a digital carillon to schedule or ring bells instantly. Choose from proprietary Verdin digital bell recordings. The carillon features hundreds of high fidelity authentic bell recordings of both liturgical bell ringing and favorite hymns, available with either the sound of Cast Bronze Bells or with Harp Accompaniment.

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Verdin Adagio II

Great value for adding bell sounds

Verdin Adagio II Classic Digital Carillon

Our Adagio II digital carillon provides all of the ringing features that meet the needs of most churches who do not need a keyboard-ready performance carillon. Choose from high-definition bell sounds and hundreds of hymns, or add your own music audio files. You can also control up to four real cast bells and control your tower clock with the addition of our Master Clock Controller.

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Schulmerich g5® Classic

Ultimate performance, ultimate versatility

Schulmerich Classic Carillon

Using on-screen bell icons, the Schulmerich g5 Classic instrument allows musicians to play and record beautiful cast bronze bell music. The Classic carillon can also operate the ringing of your cast bells and play genuine bell melodies with outstanding musical arrangements from the most comprehensive library of over 7,800 selections.

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Keyboard and Organ Interface

Enhance your worship experience with the sound of cast bells.

Versatility and flexibility allow musicians to play and record their own cast bronze bell music. The carillons can also operate the ringing of your cast bells and connect to MIDI organ or piano keyboards to add bells to your music.

Verdin Supreme Touch

Superb cast bell and orchestral sounds

Supreme Touch Performance Carillon

The Verdin Supreme Touch instrument allows musicians to play and record cast bronze bell music. The Supreme carillon can also operate the ringing of your cast bells and play genuine bell melodies from a comprehensive library. It’s compact, versatile, and strong on performance.

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Schulmerich g5® Classic Plus

Expanded keyboard options, plus emergency alert system option

Schulmerich Classic Plus Performance Carillon

The Schulmerich g5 Classic Plus Series by Verdin enables you to add the sound of bells to your MIDI-equipped keyboard, digital piano or organ console, providing unique bell tones and bell music. The Classic Plus also has a comprehensive emergency alert system that can become the voice of direction and warning at times of emergency in your community or institution.

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Schulmerich g5® Celebration

The most versatile and sophisticated digital carillon

Schulmerich Celebration Performance Carillon

The Schulmerich g5 Celebration by Verdin is the premiere digital performance carillon. The Celebration enables you to add the sound of bells to your MIDI-equipped organ or piano, providing live music with unique bell tones and bell music on multiple keyboards with expanded registration possibilities. The Celebration gives you the option to save these registrations as presets on your organ for quick and easy access.

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We stand by our carillons. Guaranteed.

If you do not absolutely love your new Verdin carillon, we will gladly offer you a full refund or exchange within 30 days.

Is funding holding you back?


Donors can make bells or digital carillons a reality. Over the years, many of our bells and electronic carillons have been funded by single donors, donor families, or church groups. Read how they do it.