A Hershey’s KISSES Bell for Hershey Park – Chocolate Town

A bronze bell made in the iconic shape of HERSHEY’s KISSES? Yes!

The Verdin Company designed, cast and installed this beauty for Hershey’s Chocolatetown, an all new region at Hersheypark, where fun meets chocolate.  It opened the summer of 2020 in, where else? Hershey, PA.

We are honored to do such work and we are are proud to share these photos!  Why? Because, they show the artistry, craftsmanship, and innovation, that The Verdin Company puts into each and every project we create.

We love what we do!

HERSHEY KISS bell at its final home

The KISSES Bell made by The Verdin Company at its final home!

Casting the HERSHEY KISS bell at The Verdin Company Factory

Casting the KISSES Bell at The Verdin Company Factory.

Casting the HERSHEY KISS bell

Casting the KISSES Bell.

HERSHEY KISS bell breakout

Breakout of the KISSES Bell bell from the mold. Looks like it might be chocolate!

The HERSHEY KISS bell prior to final polish

The KISSES Bell prior to final polish.

Final polish of the HERSHEY KISS bell begins.

Final polish of the KISSES Bell begins…

...and continues until...

…and continues until…

the HERSHEY KISS bell polish is complete!

the KISSES Bell polish is complete!

The completely polished HERSHEY KISS bell...

The completely polished KISSES Bell…

...with it's plume and hanger! Ready to ship.

…with it’s plume and hanger! Ready to ship.

The HERSHEY KISS BELL at Hershey's Chocolate World.

The KISSES Bell at Home.

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