Verdin Adagio II Electronic Carillon Bells

Electronic Carillon Bells are “pretty remarkable.”

When looking at electronic carillon bells this headline is quite an endorsement for the Adagio II by The Verdin Company!

‘It’s pretty remarkable.’ New tech helps historic chapel update its playlist.
by Julie Sherwood, Messenger Post Media USA Today Network.

To quote the linked article by the Messenger Post Media and USA-Today:
“The sky’s the limit to melodies that can ring from the historic Woodlawn Chapel in the city of Canandaigua.

…the historic Woodlawn Chapel in the City of Canandaigua … received the gift of a Verdin Carillon.  A sophisticated digital recording technology, the carillon captures the sounds of cast bronze bells to create the Westminster chime and hour strike, sound of liturgical bells, seasonal music favorites and more to the tune of some 800 different selections — from Beethoven to Sondheim, taps to “Amazing Grace.”

‘It’s pretty remarkable,’ said Woodlawn Cemetery Superintendent Doug Stone. He and several members of the Canandaigua Cemetery Association Board of Trustees at the chapel last week marveled at what the electronic carillon can do.

Recently installed, the Verdin Adagio II given through an anonymous donation comes with a catalog of hundreds of songs — everything from Broadway hits to classical hymns, seasonal music, military marches and more that can fit any occasion or season. ”

Not convinced yet? Read the article to hear the bells play and listen to a discussion of the play list. The promise of every Verdin or Schulmerich digital carillon is the sound of real cast bronze bells in several voices. They are also easy to program.  But, if you need help we have support by phone from 8-5 Eastern. For technical support on  Verdin products call 800-883-7346 and for Schulmerich G5 carillons 844-247-5775.

Verdin thanks the generous donor and the cemetery for trust in us to restore the voice of your chapel!

Verdin Adagio II Electronic Carillon Bells

Verdin Adagio II Electronic Carillon Bells are remarkable!