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Post Clocks (a.k.a. Street Clocks) turn any site into a focal point and gathering place. This page enables you to design your street clock and receive a proposal to turn your design into a reality. If you need a rendering of your clock design to sell your idea to others or to raise funding, we can add the post clock you selected to an existing photograph of your location. We specialize in custom manufactured post clocks in a variety of sizes and styles. Contact us to see additional designs and styles.

Timeless Quality. Made in U.S.A.

Verdin clocks are the only post clocks awarded a U.L. Listing as a timepiece. For over 170 years, Verdin has been a master in the art of handcrafted clock work and clock design.

1Choose either a 4-Face or 2-Face; then select a model

  • 4 face clock


  • + Click rendering
    to see photo of
    Verdin installation

  • Seth Thomas Replica post clock
  • The Heritage street clock drawing
  • Howard Replica clock
  • Four Score II clock
  • Howard Replica II clock
  • Four Score III
  • 2-face post clock


  • + Click rendering
    to see photo of
    Verdin installation

  • Front Royal
  • Howard Replica
  • The Georgetown
  • Fleur-De-Lis
  • Courtyard
  • Howard Replica II

2Select a Clock Face and Hands

  • All Dials:
    includes Moonlight
    by Verdin
  • Arabic clock face
  • Roman clock face
  • Victorian clock face

3Select a color

  • black
  • Verdin Green
  • Custom Color
  • Custom Color:
    Verdin will custom match
    any color at no additional charge.

4Select options

5Only Verdin

  • • Made in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.

  • • Awarded a U.L. Listing as a timepiece (U.L. #863):

    Verdin post clock are tested to comply with rigorous U.L. standards and testing.

  • • Larger dial and hands:

    The dial and hands of a Verdin post clock are larger and thicker for the best visibility.

  • • LED backlighting:

    LEED Friendly

  • • Verdin Performance and Guarantee:

    Verdin clocks are exceptional timepieces and built to last. The clock movement is warrantied
    to run accurately and consistently for years. Verdin has a full-time, dedicated support team to help
    you install and maintain your clock for years.

6Request more information on this clock

To request a quote and more information about your post clock design, click the submit button below. Your local Verdin representative will contact you with a pricing proposal and additional information. Additional designs, styles, and custom designs are available.

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