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Verdin digital carillons use the latest in digital technology and are designed from the ground up as a dedicated digital carillon. There are no tapes and no CDs to wear out or change. One touch rings bells or plays hymns. What this means to you are authentic bell sounds, superb sound quality, unmatched ease of operation, total versatility, and proven reliability...making Verdin electronic carillons an unparalleled value.


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Electronic Digital Carillons

The Beautiful Sound of Bells

The True Sound of Cast Bells at a Fraction of the Cost

For many of us, the sound of ringing bells, hymns, spiritual melodies, and the Westminster Chime bring to mind a time with friends, family, and fellowship. Bells uplift our spirits as we enter church on Sunday morning, provide a source of comfort as we leave a memorial service, and bring joy as we celebrate a wedding.

Three Electronic Digital Bell Options to Choose From:

Using the most sophisticated digital recording technology, Verdin has captured the sounds of cast bronze bells, enabling any church or community to add the warm authentic tones of real bells—including the Westminister Chime and Hour Strike, liturgical bells, and seasonal music. Verdin’s Digital Bells set an uncompromised standard for fidelity: most people who hear them think they’re hearing real cast bronze bells. Verdin offers three electronic digital bell carillons:

The Supreme Touch Carillon™
Supreme Touch Carillon™

The Supreme Touch Carillon™

The Most Versatile Carillon.

optional 61 note keyboard

+ Optional 61-note Keyboard

The new Verdin Supreme Touch Carillon allows musicians to play and record beautiful cast bronze bell music. The sound of 61 real bells provides five complete octaves or tones for full musical expression, and up to 10,000 musical selections. The Supreme Touch delivers all the most requested digital carillon features with three ways to operate: quick play from the carillon console, from your computer, and optional wireless remote. The Supreme Touch carillon can also operate the ringing of your cast bells with optional hardware.

Learn more » Supreme Touch Carillon Fact Sheet

The Adagio II Carillon™ Adagio Carillon by Verdin

The Adagio II Carillon™

Beautiful Sounds. Expandable Music Library. Easy to Use.

The Adagio II is the most amazing carillon yet. The carillon's high resolution, ultra-responsive, 7-inch color touch screen display provides an extremely easy and convenient way to instantly ring bells or play music. The high resolution display and intuitive, menu-driven scheduling provide the ultimate system for ringing bells. Seven (7) instant program buttons allow you to select bell peals, funeral toll, celebratory peal, or assemble program medleys— all with the touch of a finger. The Adagio II Carillon can schedule bells from your laptop/LAN network and add whatever music choices you want.

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The Sonata Carillon™ Sonata Carillon by Verdin

The Sonata Carillon™

Simple. Beautiful Sounds. Affordable.

The Sonata by Verdin features the genuine sound of real cast bronze bells, perfect for adding the warm, rich tones of bells and seasonal music to any church or community. Featuring an extensive library of hymns, seasonal and general music, and bell peals, the Sonata can be scheduled in three distinct voices: Traditional Cast Bronze Bells, Bells with Harp Accompaniment, and American Bells.

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Music of Bells

Add » hundreds of bell peals, tolls and music with a digital carillon

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Add the Clear Sound of Real Bells to Your Church Community

Verdin carillons are the most versatile and the easiest carillons to schedule your bells and hymns—allowing churches to compose or select beautiful cast bronze bell music. The Verdin Supreme Carillons can also operate the ringing of your cast bells directly from your computer.

Verdin Carillons Ring Out Daily in Many of the Finest Churches

Verdin has the finest bells, carillons, chimes, and bell towers. We’re proud to be the choice of over 20,000 churches, universities, and municipalities across the U.S. Contact us today for more information about bringing daily bells to your church and community.

Bell Shell Accessories

Bell Shell Accessories

Where the bell shape becomes an important factor in the architectural design of a tower or building, Verdin provides bell shells in varing sizes. The bell shells are made of spun aluminum, finished with an deep bronze color, and are available as accessories to any Verdin electronic carillon.

This is the perfect solution to the problem of combining modern bell instruments with the traditional visual representation of the bell shape. Light in weight and low in cost, the Verdin Bell Shells are easy to install and require little maintenance.

In Their Own Words:

I was so impressed at how real the bells in our community sounded!”
— Sheila Johnson, Philadelphia, PA

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