The sound of bells take me back to college, my home town, and Sunday mornings. They bring me peace and remind me of good times. ”

— Jon Oliver, Chicago, Illinois

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The current Verdin family has 200 years of combined experience restoring, repairing, and servicing all makes of bells. We know bells! Over 50,000 churches, cities and towns, and colleges trust us with their bells and clocks.

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Verdin Church Bells

Three distinct ways to inspire
your church community:

Cast Bronze Bells
1. Cast Bronze Bells:

Verdin cast bronze bells ring from more than 50,000 installations around the world, ringing joyously to mark new beginnings, calling people to prayer, chiming in reverence, or tolling in remembrance. The next time you hear the peal of church bells, chances are they’re from The Verdin Company.

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2. Digital Electronic Carillons:

Using the latest technology and the highest audio fidelity, Verdin has digitally reproduced the sound of cast bronze bells. Verdin digital bells and electronic carillons are perfect for adding the warm, rich tones of real cast bronze bells, including the Westminster Chime and Hour Strike, liturgical bells, and seasonal music, to any church or community.

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3. Bell Towers:

Verdin offers a wide range of tower alternatives, all designed to enhance the bell sounds and reach out to your church community.

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Restoring Church Bells
Bell Restoration

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to Restore Their Bells

Peals, Chimes, Carillons

Peals, Chimes, Carillons

A peal is comprised of two to eight bells and is a popular arrangement for playing music in a church, college, or town square. Peals are often rung as a call to worship or to mark the time of day.

Cast bell chimes create beautiful melodies that immediately enhance any community, church, university or commercial venue.

Carillons offer listeners a diverse musical range comprised of at least two octaves of tuned bells.

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Six steps to long-lasting, safe bells:

Bells are expensive investments, and regular maintenance is always cheaper than repairs after years of neglect.

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What's News

Verdin Carillon Completes World-Class Performing Arts Center
Verdin Carillon Completes World-Class Performing Arts Center

Verdin installs 47 cast bronze bells in the 17-story tower for The Smith Center–a world-class performing arts center in Las Vegas.

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The Smith Center Bell Carillon

What's News

Since 1842

America’s Most Beautiful Sounds

Cast Bronze Bells by Verdin

The sound of Verdin bells rings from more than 40,000 installations throughout the world. Verdin cast bronze bells call parishioners to prayer, chime in reverence, ring joyously to mark new beginnings or toll in remembrance. Verdin offers swinging or stationary bells, new cast bronze bells, cast bell carillons, and bell towers. In addition, we offer repair and restoration of existing cast bells and bell ringing equipment. The next time you hear a peal of church bells, chances are those bells are from The Verdin Company.

Digital Carillon Bells

Verdin digital bells and electronic carillons are perfect for adding the warm, rich tones of real cast bronze bells, including the Westminster Chime and Hour Strike, liturgical bells, and seasonal music, to community, campuses, and churches. Using the latest technology and the highest audio fidelity, Verdin has digitally reproduced the sound of cast bronze bells. Most people, when they hear the sound of bells can't tell the difference between a real cast bell and electronic digital carillon bells. Read more »

Campus Bell Towers:
Create a Cherished Landmark

Campus Bell Towers

Verdin's bell towers are specifically designed to preserve and enrich the aesthetic and acoustic qualities of our cast bronze bells. Because we use the same precision in constructing a bell tower as we do in crafting bells, our bell towers become cherished landmarks on college campuses, city centers, public parks, institutions, and churches. Adding a Bell Tower is an investment in the cultural beauty of your community—one that will last for generations.

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Automating your bell ringing

Automating your bell ringing

Since 1842, The Verdin Company has been recognized as a preeminent manufacturer of the highest quality cast bronze bells, electronic bells and carillons systems, clocks and bell towers. Today Verdin continues to provide the highest quality and most reliable products and service.

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At A Glance...

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When the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY, needed their bells restored at the Cadet Chapel, they came to Verdin.

West Point Bells

The bells returned to West Point after a full restoration by Verdin. The 12 bells are Meneely-Troy cast in 1918-1919. Verdin cleaned and tuned the bells, fabricated all new bell hardware equipment, and constructed new bell framework. The chapel’s oak keyboard was also restored.

The American Bell Association publication, “The Bell Tower”, has published an article on the restoration of the bells of the Cadet Chapel at the US Military Academy, West Point.

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Watch: How a bell is made

Watch: How a bell is made

The World's Only Traveling
Bell Foundry

The Bell Foundry on Wheels was designed and built by Verdin to help Ohio celebrate its bicentennial. The two-day bell casting event is unique, fun, and interactive—allowing the entire community to be involved and enhancing the dedication of your bell or bell tower.

Bell Repair & Restoration

Whether a carillon of many bells in a big city university, or a single bell in a small country church, all bells suffer the effects of age. Find out more about Verdin’s Service Plan.

To restore cast bronze bells to their original ringing glory, Verdin craftsmen remounted with new hardware, bell ringing equipment, including "A" frames, and wheels as required, and restore or recast bronze bells to recapture their original beauty and resonance. Bells may be fitted with electric swinging systems and/or strikers for tolling. For bells that are out of tune, Verdin will conduct a detailed acoustical analysis, and bells that are out of tune or out of character with the rest of the instrument can, in most cases, be retuned.

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Bell Tuning

Bell Tuning
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