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A Lasting Tribute to Honor
America's Veterans

Permanent Settings Where People can Gather to Honor Veterans

Verdin is privileged to be affiliated with the Veterans' Coalition— a nonprofit organization founded by the five largest veterans service organizations— in their fine work to support and honor all veterans.

Verdin created The Veterans Tribute Tower as a lasting tribute to honor veterans. In communities across the country, Veterans Tribute Towers honor the men and women who serve or have served our country in the U.S. Armed Forces. The towers honor our past veterans, salute our current veterans, and inspire future veterans.

This tower will help our children understand the importance of honoring our military service men and women. This bell will be a voice for our community in our tributes to honor past, current, and future veterans."

— Bill Marksberry, Mayor, Rising Sun, IN

The Veterans Tribute Tower, designed and built by Verdin in Cincinnati, Ohio, helps communities create a lasting tribute to honor America's veterans. Veterans Tribute Towers are planned for communities in all 50 states, establishing permanent settings where people can gather to honor, thank, and remember their local veterans. For each tower installed, Verdin donates directly to the Veterans Coalition.

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Honoring the Past, Saluting the Present, & Inspiring the Future

America's tribute to our Veterans

In Their Own Words:

Ogden, Utah has a deep tradition of honoring our veterans. We’re proud to offer this permanent tribute to those men and women who have made, and continue to make, sacrifices for each and every one of us.”
— Terry Schow, former Executive Director of the Utah Department of Veterans Affairs

We thought it was meaningful to do this. It’s important to have a tribute to veterans. It’s a celebration, not a memorial.”
— Ed Sullivan, Executive Director of the Rising Sun Regional Foundation

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