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Year of Faith — October 11, 2012 to November 24, 2013

Year of Faith

Thanks For Ringing In
The Year of Faith!

Yesterday's bell ringing was a great success.

Hundreds of Catholic churches and people across the United States joined together to ring in the first day of the Year of Faith.

Many thanks to those who shared their stories.

Watch this video of students from St. Dominic Academy in Lewiston, Maine as they ring their school’s bells for the first time in eight years.

Share your stories.

We'd love to hear from you. Your church community is an important part of the year-long Year of Faith celebration. Share with us how bells will help renew and inspire your church and community throughout the year.

Email us at info@verdin.com. What are your plans to ring bells throughout the Year of Faith? Do you ring the Angelus? Sacred Hymns?

The ringing of bells lets the community know that your church is alive and well.

The Verdin family today has over 200 years of experience restoring, repairing, and servicing all makes of bells. We are proud to support this faith-filled, yearlong celebration in the Catholic church.

Bells to Ring In Year of Faith

Join Catholic churches across the country.

Ring your bells at 12 noon on October 11, for 3 minutes, to celebrate the beginning of the Year of Faith.

Next month marks the beginning of the Year of Faith as declared by Pope Benedict XVI. It’s a time to reflect on and renew our faith.

The sound of bells ringing out together across communities to mark this important year will be a memorable celebration for your parish and community. Hundreds of people and churches have already registered and the event has captured the imagination of many church communities.

'Ring in' the Year of Faith by ringing your church bells for the noon Angelus on October 11, 2012. Let your neighbors know that the New Evangelization is underway in your part of the world!”
— Bishop James D. Conley, Diocese of Lincoln, NE

Anyone can take part by ringing any kind of bell for three minutes —from a carillon of bells to a digital carillon ringing the Angelus to enthusiastic children with hand bells, bicycle bells and doorbells. The sound of thousands of bells across the country ringing out at the same time to mark this important time will be a thrilling experience among Catholics, parishes, and communities.

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Verdin is proud to partner on this project with:

Son Rise Morning ShowCatholic Campus Ministry AssociationThe Verdin Bell Company

Joining together to ring bells is a great way to enhance the visibility of Year of Faith and a personal reminder to renew our call to holiness and personal conversion.”
— Reverend Martin Moran, Executive Director, Catholic Campus Ministry Association

Bells have long been part of the Catholic tradition and fulfill an important role in the community. Since the 14th century, it has been customary to ring church bells to remind the faithful to pray the Angelus. Many parishes around the country continue the tradition of ringing the Angelus, at morning, noon, and evening. Church bells also ring out to remember loved ones and commemorate special occasions and events.

To get involved, register at top of this page. Everyone who signs up will be able to download a Verdin bell ringtone and participate on an individual level as well.

For centuries, the sounds of church bells have drawn the Faithful together to worship Our Lord and celebrate Christian community. As we begin The Year of Faith, I invite you to join the Son Rise Morning Show and Verdin Bells to ring out the Good News that Jesus is The Lord of our lives. The truth will set us free. Let freedom ring!”
— Brian Patrick, Son Rise Morning Show Host

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Year of Faith

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