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LIVE Verdin Bell Casting


Episcopal Church of the Resurrection

Longwood, FL

Join us!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

at 2:00 p.m. ET


The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection Bell is a beautiful 29", 500-pound bronze bell. The bell profile echoes the profile, tone, and clarity of the early American Bells, based on proprietary Meneely designs. The Meneely designs, long coveted for producing a more perfect vibration, resulting in the richest, most musical tone and the largest sound. Every Verdin cast bronze bell is handcrafted. Our American Bells are cast using 21st Century technology combined with 19th Century musical tonality. The result: Bells that have musical tones unequaled today.

Bookmark this page for the LIVE casting of the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection church bell.


This year, The Verdin Company this year celebrates the 175th Anniversary of its founding. The Verdin Company, founded in 1842, is a world-renowned, sixth-generation family manufacturer, pioneer and innovator of cast bronze bells, clocks and towers. Over 50,000 installations worldwide. Our cast bronze bells and electronic carillon bells have provided liturgical bells and hymns to over 20,000 churches and cathedrals across the United States. Visit our website at for more about us and our products.

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