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Pleasing public places build strong communities.”

— Larry Snyder, Founder,
Canterbury International

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A Community of Photographers

Following is a featured photographer who has provided photos of Verdin installations. Learn more about this photographer and view more of their fine work on their personal online gallery.

Kelly Milhalcoe

Kelly Milhalcoe

Kelly captured this spectacular night casting of a bronze Verdin bell for the Veterans Tribute Tower in Williamsburg, VA. Awesome pic Kelly! More of Kelly's work

Joanne Bouknight

Joanne Bouknight

Joanne documented the bells restoration at Christ Church in Greenwich, CT with some spectacular photos. More of Joanne's Gallery

Verdin Bell Tower or Clock in Your Community

Have a Verdin Bell Tower or Clock in Your Community?

Send us your photos.

We’re always looking for great photos of our bell and clock towers in communities across the country. If you have a Verdin church bell, bell tower, clock tower, street clock, golf course clock, or tower clock, please submit a digital photo. Not sure? Submit it and we’ll email you with any historical information we might have in our files.

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Since 1842

Create a Community Focal Point

Pleasing Public Spaces Build Strong Communities.

Verdin has enriched public place projects in 50,000 communities across the U.S. and around the world— helping communities transform public spaces into vital settings that showcase the community, spur rejuvenation, and become popular gathering places.

By partnering with public and private organizations, municipalities, business improvement districts, neighborhood associations, civic groups, and churches, we can help improve communities by creating successful public spaces. The Verdin Company is internationally recognized for creating bells, clocks, and towers that add community to main streets, create focal points on college and university campuses, call people to worship, and provide legacies for donors.

“Architecture and structures play an important role in people’s attachment to a place. Buildings and structures are the backbone of a great community.”

— Len Santos, Architect, Columbus, Ohio

Enrich Your Outdoor Space.

The Verdin Company has inspired many cities and towns, campuses, and churches throughout the country to enrich their outdoor spaces.

• Downtowns, squares, plazas, and main streets: Grow your downtown or main street around the places that matter most—showcasing community identity and enriching outdoor spaces with streetscape furnishings. Preserve the features that add character to your community, including courthouse and street clocks.

• Churches: Bells are often located in prominent landmark towers and steeples. They're are known and recognized, both by sight and sound, as local fixtures — representing the enduring quality of community.

• Parks and Amusement Parks: Transform parks into memorable public destinations with bell towers, glockenspiels, or floral clocks.

• Commercial: Adding clocks, bells towers, and streetscape furnishings can help attract the community to your business area, while linking public buildings to the community.

Feature: College Campuses

ETSU Alumni Plaza

Creating a Community Gathering Place at East Tennessee State University

Walking across a college or university campus can be one of the most memorable experiences of “place” that people ever encounter. At a university, prospective students, their parents, and faculty count the overall feel of a campus as one of the key decision points when selecting a school. The campus can have a calming effect as well as offer initial impression of the level of education and care that will be provided. In a sense, a campus is a temporary home to many different people who have many different needs. The challenge is making that home feel comfortable and a “place” they will remember fondly, come back to, support, and encourage the next generation of family to attend.

A Focal Point for University Students, Faculty and Administration.

The alumni of East Tennessee State University raised funds to build a Verdin bell and clock tower to create a focal point of their campus. Verdin creates gathering places, focal points, and structures that attract people, and create conditions where residents and visitors alike feel comfortable, welcome, and have a memorable experience.

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Bell and Clock Tower at The University of Mississippi

Bell and Clock Tower at The University of Mississippi

Thirty-six stunning bronze bells in the Peddle Bell Tower ring out a message of inspiration in the daily life at a public university. The keys permit a carillonneur to perform on the instrument that also can be operated by a computerized, automatic system to ring out the hour and half hour, and special music such as The University of Mississippi alma mater. The bells play a group of songs daily at 5 p.m. and clock keeps students and faculty on schedule all day. The bell tower and carillon are a gift to the university from Frank and Marge Peddle of Oxford.

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