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» Make sure dials and hands are large and thick enough for good visibility. (Visibility recommendations available from Verdin.)

» Clear acrylic covers cause lack of clarity due to sun spots, dirt, and moisture. Verdin clocks use only crystal clear Lexan™ for the best clock cover.

Tower Clocks

A Majestic Signature For Your Community

Tower clocks have become the majestic signature of many town squares, business parks, shopping areas, and college campuses. The imperial presence of a clock tower immediately creates a sense of place in any gathering area. Verdin clocks are built in our factory by skilled craftsmen, transported to your site, and installed by Verdin technicians in less than a day. Tower clocks can be enhanced by the addition of an electronic digital carillon that rings the hour and plays bell music for any occasions.

Verdin Tower Clock

What Makes a Verdin Tower Clock Better?

The Verdin Company has been building and installing high-end commercial tower clocks since 1842. The quality of our products is unparalleled, based on years of craftsmanship and skill.

  • Built and thoroughly tested in our factory by skilled technicians and craftsmen with decades of experience.
  • Installed by factory-trained installation and service teams.
  • Waterproof, windproof, and built to withstand extreme climate conditions.
  • The highest quality LED clock lighting in the industry: Verdin Moonglow® clocks light up like a full moon, with no shadows.
  • Clock hands made with special reinforcements to withstand the test of time.
  • Backed by the Verdin Company. For 170 years Verdin has been manufacturing and servicing clocks across the country.

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Choose From Several Tower Clock Designs or Create Your Own

Creating fine timepieces has been the hallmark of Verdin's clock business. A variety of clock styles are available, as well as custom designs—enabling you to choose a style that reflects the unique architecture of your site. Clock dials and hands are individually designed and available in every size and shape.

No Matter What the Finished Clock Looks Like, its Basic Makeup Will Fall Into One of Four Categories:

1. Surface Mounted Numerals or Markers

Surface Mounted Numerals or Markers

Series I – This series uses no clock face; instead, numerals or markers are mounted to a surface or exterior of a building, which becomes the face or dial of the tower clock.

Download » Series I — CSI Specifications

2. Surface Mounted Dials

Surface Mounted Dials

Series II – Features a clock dial mounted on a surface. This tower clock may be mounted directly to a surface with mounting brackets, and may be lighted – either from behind with a light canister, or front-lighted for a striking effect.

Download » Series II — CSI Specifications

3. Dial Mounted into Opening in the Structure

Dial Mounted into Opening

Series III – Contains a dial mounted into an opening in a structure that is the same size as the diameter of the clock. A mounting ring holds the clock in place. These clocks may be lighted from behind with a light canister using Verdin’s Moonglow®; which provides the highest quality backlighting in the industry.

Download » Series III — CSI Specifications (No Canister)

Download » Series III — CSI Specifications (With Canister)

Verdin Prestige Clock

4. The Verdin Prestige Clock

The Prestige Clock is the perfect one-piece clock for adding to an existing structure. The Prestige comes in 3-foot and 4-foot diameter sizes.

Download » Prestige Fact Sheet

Download » Prestige Clock — CSI Specifications

Design Your Clock Online

Design Your Clock Online

Tower Clock Configurator » download your final drawings

Renovating Historic Tower Clocks

Verdin can renovate your historic tower clock, giving it additional years of service and greater efficiency. When necessary, dials can be restored or completely recreated to duplicate the original design. Creating fine timepieces for courthouses, town squares, churches, shopping centers, public parks, and universities has been the hallmark of Verdin's clock business since the company's founding in 1842. Over the decades Verdin has become known as the builders of the finest tower and street clocks in the world.

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In Their Own Words:

Restoring our courthouse clock has brought back the charm and seasonal music to our town.”
— Bill Cooper, Woodland Hills, CA

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