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Energy-Efficient, Enviromentally-Friendly Post Clocks

Energy-Efficient, Enviromentally-Friendly Post Clocks.

Verdin post clocks meet the demands of 'green' building initiatives by providing reliable, dependable clocks that significantly reduce energy demand and lower overall energy costs. Our clocks are the only clocks awarded a UL Listing (#863). Go Green. Go Verdin.

Street Clock Restoration Brochure

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Timeless, Elegant Post Clocks

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Verdin Post Clocks are in America's Best Communities.

Since 1842, Verdin post clocks have been recognized for their craftsmanship, longevity, and elegance. Manufactured in the U.S. at our facitity in Cincinnati, Ohio, Verdin post clocks are focal points and gathering places on some of the finest streets in America. A family-owned business, Verdin provides unparalleled service and support after the installation, and is the only street clock awarded a U.L. Listing.

2 faced street clocks

Choose Between 2-Faced...

Verdin offers a number of standard styles of 2-faced street clocks, ranging in height from 10' to 17'. These clocks are ideal for city sidewalks or courtyards, and can be customized to include the name of your club, business, or town. All Verdin street clocks are completely weatherproof and come with backlit dials and a choice of standard face and hand styles. Enhancements such as accent paint, logo dials, and chimes are among the options available in all Verdin street clocks. Custom colors are available at no charge.

4 faced street clock

...and 4-Faced

Verdin's 4-faced street clocks come in several standard styles ranging in height from 12' to 20'. Four-faced street clocks are especially useful in multi-directional locations such as campus quads, town squares, or near intersections. They can be customized to include the name of your business, school, or town. Additional enhancements such as accent paint, logo dials, and chimes are among the available options. All Verdin street clocks are completely weatherproof and come with backlit dials and a choice of standard face and hand styles. Custom colors available at no charge.

Request a Quote on a Verdin Post Clock

Design your street clock, submit your specifications, and receive a proposal on the cost to turn your design into a reality. Then, if you need a rendering of your clock design to sell your idea to others or to raise funding, we can add your street clock design to an existing photograph of your location.

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Verdin Clock Restoration Clock Looking Timeworn

Is Your Clock Looking Timeworn?

If your clock is looking timeworn, let Verdin restore it to its original perfection, adding additional years of service and greater efficiency.

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Creating a Community Gathering Place

Verdin street clocks are creating focal points, gathering places, and a sense of community all over America.

Verdin street clocks

Campus Post Clocks

Verdin street clocks and clock towers dot campuses big and small. As the focal point of the quad or the sentinel leading the way to class, they help keep schedules while enhancing the beauty and character of the campus. Personalization is available to promote school colors or signify a sponsoring organization.

Canterbury streetscape furnishings

Canterbury streetscape furnishings » around your bell or clock tower.

Over 800 Installations Across the Country

Verdin campus clocks, post clocks, and bell and chime towers are known throughout the country for their unique design, quality, and craftsmanship. Our college and university installations include:

  • Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
  • Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
  • University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana
  • The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
  • East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee
  • Texas University, Austin, Texas

Verdin Signature Golf Course Post Clocks

Verdin signature course clocks have been featured at some of the most recognized golf courses and country clubs in the U.S.

Learn more about one of our golf course clocks at Old York Road Country Club and how they were able to create a successful campaign that raised the funds to install a championship golf clock for their Centennial.

Golf Clocks

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article about Old York Road's funding campaign

In Their Own Words:

Our clock added immediate charm to our community and streetscape project.”
— Frank Peters

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