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Is Your Clock Looking Time Worn?

Restoring Your Tower Clocks and Verdin Post Clocks

Restoring Your Tower Clocks and Post Clocks

As member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Verdin helps repair and preserve clocks that people treasure most in their communities, including courthouse clocks and post clocks.

If your clock is looking timeworn, let Verdin restore your cherished clock to its original perfection. Adding additional years of service and greater efficiency. Whether it needs custom refinishing or replacement parts, no one is as capable of restoring your clock than the factory craftspeople and restoration specialists who have built clocks since 1842.

Post Clocks

Post Clocks restoration

We renovate all post clocks either onsite or in our factory. Only genuine Verdin parts are used, which guarantees that your Verdin street clock remains 100% Verdin. All work is backed by the Verdin guarantee. With 170 years experience in repair and restoration of street clocks, Verdin has earned a reputation for quality and support.

Tower Clock Renovations

Verdin provides new clock movements and controls to modernize and upgrade existing tower clock installations. Complete tower clock restoration is available within our service area.

The restoration of your tower clock is the perfect time to restore bell ringing to the tower bells or add a musical voice and chime to your clock.

Why Verdin?

  • » Verdin clocks are restored in our factory and installed by skilled technicians and craftsmen with decades of experience.

  • » Verdin clocks are waterproof and windproof and are built to withstand extreme climate conditions.

  • » Verdin clocks conform to ANSI/UL standards and come with optional preventative maintenance assurance.

  • » Verdin’s durable timepieces are accurate to within one minute per year.

  • » Verdin backlighting is the highest quality in the industry. Never any shadows with Verdin's Moonglow ™ light diffusion.

  • » Verdin clock hands are made with special reinforcements not found in other clocks, ensuring quality, long-term operation.

  • » Verdin’s factory-trained installation and service teams are unparalleled in the industry.

  • » Verdin’s Warranty is backed by Ohio’s oldest family-owned manufacturer with 170 years experience.

Post Clock Renovations

  • » Multipoint inspection

  • » New crystal-clear Lexan dials

  • » New Digital Master Clock Controller with automatic DST updates

  • » Routine maintenance of the timepiece and illumination system

  • » Minor repairs to existing painted surface

  • » Repainting of entire clock to original color and finish, including bezels

  • » New gold accent paint

  • » Custom header restored

  • » Discount on music & chime system and annual service contract

With 170 years experience in repair and restoration of clocks, Verdin has earned a reputation for quality and support.

Verdin installed its first clock in 1842 at Old St. Mary’s Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. Six generations of Verdin family members have been dedicated to creating the finest clocks that have become cherished legacies for years to come. All work is backed by the Verdin guarantee.

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