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Year of Faith

Verdin Special Event

LIVE Verdin Bell Casting

Wednesday, January 9, 2013
Cincinnati USA

Watch the bell casting LIVE...
...starting at 1:45 p.m. EST (12:45 p.m. CT).

Verdin will stream video on the web starting a few minutes before the bronze reaches 2,200 degrees. We expect the bronze to reach this temperature at about 1:45-2:00 p.m. EST (12:45-1:00 p.m. CT). Verdin was the first to stream a bell casting worldwide for the casting of the World Choir Games Peace Bell on March 20, 2012.

Watch the bell casting from today!

Video streaming by Ustream

A spectacular bell casting today! Thanks for joining us Live.

Welcome Chicago and parishioners of Ss. Peter and Paul in Naperville, and viewers all across the world!

It's a wrap!

Video streaming by Ustream

For the first time in decades, the historic bells of Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Naperville will peal this spring.

The parish is restoring the two bells in its tower and adding a third to commemorate what Pope Benedict XVI has deemed the "Year of Faith." The Rev. Thomas Milota, church pastor, said bells are important to the faith.

Year of Faith

The new bell will weigh about 990 pounds. It's Latin inscription will commemorate the Year of Faith. Restoring the bells and casting the new bell is being done by The Verdin Company.

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On Wednesday, January 9, 2013, starting at 1:45 p.m. EST (12:45 p.m. CT) Verdin will cast bells from the Verdin Bell Foundry in Cincinnati, Ohio. The casting will be broadcast live via our web stream to viewers from Chicago area and all across the world. The bells are being cast in bronze: 80% copper, 20% tin. Join us at for a spectacular event!

A gift from two sisters who were longtime parishioners made the restoration and new bell possible. A bronze plaque at the base of the bell tower will commemorate their donation.

The pastor and aseveral parishioners are at The Verdin Company Foundry to watch the casting of the new bell. Once the bell is complete, the new bell will be on display on the church grounds and Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Siegel will bless it immediately following the 9:30 a.m. Mass on Feb. 17.

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The Verdin Collection of American Cast Bronze Bells

To serve America with American bells, Verdin created a new American Profile Bell. This new Verdin American Bell echoes the profile, tone, and clarity of the early American Bells, based on proprietary Meneely designs. The Meneely designs, long coveted for producing a more perfect vibration, resulting in the richest, most musical tone and the largest sound. Every Verdin cast bronze bell is handcrafted. Our American Bells are cast using 21st Century technology combined with 19th Century musical tonality. The result: Bells that have musical tones unequaled today.

Restore, repair and service bells

The Verdin family today has over 200 years of experience restoring, repairing, and servicing all makes of bells. Contact us to find out how you can bring the sound of bells to your church and community.

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