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Verdin digital carillons are #1

in features, ease of use, versatility, reliability, and sound.

At A Glance...

Verdin Supreme Carillon™

The Most Versatile Carillon

The Supreme Carillon:

The Supreme Carillon

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A Digital Carillon Instrument and Bell Controller...all in One.

The Verdin Supreme Carillon offers the greatest variety and truest sound, all in the most flexible operating system. A true musical instrument, the Supreme allows musicians to play, record, and save the cast bronze bell music. The sounds of 61 real bells provide five complete octaves of tones for full musical expression, and expandable up to 10,000 musical selections. The Supreme carillon can also operate the ringing of your cast bells with optional hardware.

The bell sounds of the Supreme have been sampled by the highest quality, most advanced digital sound processor in the bell carillon industry, offering a pure replication of bell tones. The Supreme features the largest selection of liturgical bells, including peals and up to eight swinging bells. The Supreme allows you to choose from nine different sizes of bells selectable by time or count. The optional 61-note keyboard can be played as five entire octaves of bells or two octaves of harp/three octaves of bells.

Three Ways to Operate

There are three ways to operate or schedule selections on the Supreme: live and in real time from the carillon console; directly from your computer connected to the Supreme or through your local area network (LAN); or the wireless remote. You can instantly play any musical selection or liturgical bell, or update musical or seasonal programs.

Wireless Remote Adds Convenience

The Supreme's optional wireless remote enables you to play musical selections or liturgical bells instantly, making it especially convenient for funeral tolls, calls to service, and wedding processions.

In Their Own Words:

Our bells now ring daily. Reviving the bell sounds have inspired the church and our extended community in ways we never imagined.”
— Father Martin Moran, Pastor of Holy Cross-Immaculata Catholic Church

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