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Verdin digital carillons are #1

in features, ease of use, versatility, reliability, and sound.

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#1 in Digital Carillons

All backed by the oldest and largest bell manufacturer in the U.S.

Verdin digital carillons use the latest in digital technology and are designed from the ground up as a dedicated digital carillon. There are no tapes and no CDs to wear out or change. What this means to you are authentic bell sounds, superb sound quality, unmatched ease of operation, total versatility, and proven reliability...making Verdin electronic carillons an unparalleled value.

Verdin Sonata Carillon™

Simple. Beautiful Sounds. Affordable.

Introducing the Sonata Digital Carillon

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7-inch Color Touch Screen, Easy to Use

The Sonata by Verdin features the genuine sound of real cast bronze bells, perfect for adding the warm, rich tones of bells and seasonal music to any church or community.

Featuring an extensive library of hymns, seasonal and general music, and bell peals, the Sonata can be scheduled in three distinct voices: Traditional Cast Bronze Bells, Bells with Harp Accompaniment, and American Bells.

The first carillon to feature a color touch screen display, the Sonata provides a simple, convenient way to instantly ring bells or play music. The high resolution display and easy to use, menu scheduling provides the ultimate system for ringing bells. Seven (7) instant program buttons allow you to select bell peals, a funeral toll, celebratory peal or assemble program medleys — all with the touch of your finger.

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Wireless Remote Allows you to Play Musical Selections or Liturgical Bells Instantly

The Verdin Wireless Remote Control is a hand-held control designed to work with the Sonata. With the remote, the carillon can be started and stopped at any time, making it especially convenient for funeral tolls, calls to service, and wedding processions.

The Sonata Carillon System

The Sonata may be packaged as a complete system, including a 7-inch color touch screen controller, professional amplifier, high output speakers, wireless remote control unit, locking cabinet, and Verdin installation and warranty. It can also be configured to meet a customer’s specific needs.

The Sonata is a versatile, customizable carillon system. Choose the bell size and tone that fit your church. Then easily arrange and schedule bells and musical selections. Verdin has digitally reproduced, with the highest audio fidelity, the sound of cast bronze bells. These bells can be custom-selected to suit your church. Select from an extensive library of bells in three distinct voices.

The Sonata at a Glance

7-inch Touch Screen, Magnificent Sound

The 7-inch color touchscreen makes the Sonata the easiest carillon available. With the touch of a finger you can ring bells instantly or schedule them for future occasions. The Sonata is perfect for adding the Westminster chime and hour strike, bell peals, and seasonal and general music.

7-inch Touch Screen, Magnificent Sound
Genuine cast bell sounds

These warm, rich tones are authentic, first generation sounds of real cast bronze bells-- nothing synthesized, no recreations, no metallic sounds. Digital carillons are often used as an excellent alternative, and sometimes as an addition, to real cast bronze bells.

Hundreds of bell and music selections

The Sonata’s easy to use menus allow you to play and schedule hundreds of musical selections at the touch of your finger.

Hundreds of bell and music selections

Touch the “Library” button to see the vast music library, which includes a wide selection to meet the needs of any occasion. The Sonata makes it easy to select bells for ringing a favorite hymn, calls to worship, multi-bell peals, funeral toll, or traditional wedding bells.

The main screen

Buttons 1-7 are shortcuts, they can be set to any bell or musical selection, and allow you to play that selection instantly.

Notice the blinking music symbol in the top right corner. This appears when the carillon is playing.

Want to stop the bells before the piece is finished? With the Sonata, you can. Push the stop button and the bells gradually fade out, with no abrupt ending.

Wireless remote
Wireless remote

You can play or stop the seven preset buttons two different ways: either using the touch screen display, or with the handy 8-function wireless remote you can carry in your pocket. This is especially convenient for weddings and funerals.

menu button Add a daily program
Add a daily program

The “Menu” button takes you to the scheduling feature. This allows you to add or change songs for your daily program, or to schedule bells or hymns for a specific time frame.

First, touch the “Menu” button, then select “Scheduling.”

Choose the date or holiday, then press schedule.

To add a musical selection, choose from the “Season” folder, then click on a song.

Select the start and ending dates, the days of the week, then press save, and you’re finished.


Want to hear a selection before adding it to your schedule? Just push the play button.

Today's Program
Today's Program

Touch the “Today” button to see—at a glance—all the musical selections set for the day.

Westminster Chime & Time Strike

Westminster Chime & Time Strike

To schedule the Westminster chime, push the “Menu” button, then “Westminster”.

From here you can schedule the chime to ring on the hour, half hour, or quarter hour.

The clock symbol at the top left tells you the “Westminster” is scheduled.

Hear » Westminster Chime and Time Strike — 3 o'clock

The Easiest, Most Affordable Carillon. All Backed by the Oldest and Largest Bell Manufacturer in the U.S.

The Sonata may be packaged with high output speakers and amplifier, a locking cabinet, a 7-inch color touch screen, and a wireless remote. Or, it can be configured to meet your church’s individual needs. The Sonata has authentic bell sounds, superb sound quality, unmatched ease of operation, total versatility, and proven reliability...making Verdin electronic carillons an unparalleled value.

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