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Experience the Music of Bells

Add hundreds of bell peals, tolls and music with a digital carillon.

Adding a Verdin digital carillon to your church will enable you to compose and select beautiful cast bronze bell music and sacred hymns. Choose from three digital carillon systems; whatever bell sounds you choose can be easily scheduled in advance. In addition, the Supreme carillon will enable you to schedule the ringing of existing bells. Learn more »

Verdin Supreme digital carillon

The Supreme Carillon by Verdin

The Music of Real Cast Bronze Bells

The Supreme’s traditional cast bell voice contains first generation samples of real, tuned cast bronze bells. Verdin’s traditional cast bronze bell voice captures the full richness and harmonics of blended tones and partials that can only be created with real cast bronze bells.

The swinging bells, tolls, and music were recorded by a professional carillonneur. Since this sound is reproduced from the original digital source, the sound is authentic and has no degradation over time. The Verdin traditional cast bronze bell voice has a 61 note, five octave range.

The Verdin Supreme digital carillon offers two primary voices: traditional tuned cast bronze bells and the cast bronze bells with harp accompaniment. Both of the voices are available for any musical selection in the delivered music package and both are playable manually by an optional 61-note touch sensitive musical keyboard. Also available in the Supreme as a tonal option are additional voices that include American Bells, Flemish Bells, European Bells, Tubular Chime, English Bells, Orchestral Harp, Orchestral Strings, plus others that will give you a very wide voicing palette.

The Supreme: Expand Your Music Library

Expand your library of bells, hymns, and music. Upload your own high fidelity mp3 files to add to your music palette or record directly from the Supreme.

Sample mp3

Carillon Music Library

The Supreme’s library of digitally sampled selections includes nine Clock Chime Melodies, the Hour Strike, and favorite Hymns and Music, including:

  • Swinging Bell Ringing - Call to Worship
  • Wedding or Celebration Peals of Swinging Bells
  • Westminster Chimes, as well as, many more
  • Time Strike - Hour, Half Hour or Quarter Hour - Your Option
  • Tolls – Funeral Toll, Counted Toll, and Instant Toll
  • Liturgical bells - two, three, four, or six simultaneously swinging bells
  • Ability to Schedule by typical week, day, date, season/holiday, or event
  • Ability to upgrade Program Library
    • Verdin carillons are preloaded with customized peals, tolls, popular hymns, spiritual melodies, and patriotic selections. Choose from 400+ selections to meet your needs, preferences and church denomination.

      Play and Record The Music of Bells

      Verdin Supreme digital carillon music

      The Verdin 61 note, five octave, semi-weighted touch sensitive keyboard provides instant preset bell voicing combinations for live play and recording.

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      Download » Verdin Donor Guide (5.7 MB)

      Bell Restoration

      Watch » One Church's Journey to Restore Their Bells

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