Verdin: 170 years in business

For 170 Years...
Creating and restoring bell sounds

Verdin is a sixth-generation family business. We are privileged to partner with churches and cathederals across the United States. Since 1842, our cast bronze bells and digital carillon bells have provided the liturgical bells and hymns at more than 20,000 churches.

Contact us to find out how you can bring the sound of church bells to your church and community.

For 170 Years

Church Bell Restoration

The Story of Holy Cross–Immaculata

Holy Cross-Immaculata Church in Mt. Adams, Ohio, completed the restoration of their three cast bronze church bells that were in urgent need of repair. The 150 year old bell tower was silenced in 2008 because the equipment that houses and rings the bells had become dangerously fragile and in need of replacement.

“The church has played a major role in so many Catholic and non-Catholic lives in Greater Cincinnati. This is a wonderful occasion for our church and the community,” said the Rev. Martin Moran III, pastor of Holy Cross-Immaculata Church. “The bells and church history connect with so many people.”

Holy Cross-Immaculata project restores church bells

How well do your church bells reach out to the community?

The sound of bells affects people in ways that last a lifetime. We remember Sunday morning calls to worship; the joyful pealing bells of our wedding; the somber, respectful tolling bells from a loved one’s funeral. The Angelus reminds us to pray. The Westminster chimes marks times and gives order to our lives. And the peaceful De Profundis marks the end of another day, reminding us to pray for the departed.

Bells are a big part of church traditions. For 170 years, The Verdin Company — a family-owned business — has been helping churches give voice to that tradition.

Two distinct ways to add tradition and voice

Cast Bells
For 170 years, Verdin family have been dedicated to providing and restoring the the warm, rich tones of cast bronze bells that inspire church communities for decades.

Digital Carillon Bells
Verdin’s line of digital electronic bells feature the latest in technology and sampling, bringing the sound of real bells, sacred hymns, and beautiful melodies to your church community.

Call us to get your bells ready for Easter.

If your bell sounds are not what you want them to be, contact us. Your Verdin representative will contact you with suggestions on how to use bells to reach the community — whether it’s maintaining or restoring your current bells, or adding new bells or digital carillons.

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