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Bell Repair & Restoration

Verdin’s Experienced Craftsmen Refurbish America's Finest Bells

Verdin is America's Only Bell Company That Restores, Upgrades, Installs, and Services all Bells.

Bell Repair Restoration

Whether a carillon of many bells in a big city university, or a single bell in a small country church, all bells suffer the effects of age. Although bronze bells are mostly indestructible, the many mechanical parts which enable the bell to ring, and the supporting bell frame, are not. Constant exposure to weather, extremes of temperature, and service neglect can cause the clapper, swinger, yoke, and other parts and equipment to deteriorate, making the ringing of the bell unsafe.

Bell Repair and Service

Bell Repair and Service

A bell is a lifetime investment and a living memorial for future generations. To keep your bells in ringing order, the bell ringing equipment and hardware must be maintained periodically. Just as you maintain your car, simply lubricating the moving parts of your bell on a regular basis can reduce wear and add years of life to your bells. With Verdin’s Service Plan, you can be confident that your bell ringing system will be properly maintained for safety and longevity. Find out more about Verdin Service.

Bell Restoration

Bell Restoration

To restore cast bronze bells to their original ringing glory, Verdin craftsmen will provide new bell ringing equipment and hardware, and restore or recast bronze bells to recapture their original beauty and resonance. For bells that are out of tune, Verdin will conduct a detailed acoustical analysis, and bells that are out of tune or out of character with the rest of the instrument can, in most cases, be retuned. Since 1842, The Verdin Company has been recognized as the preeminent manufacturer and installer of bells, clocks and carillons; you can trust their proper restoration to our superior craftsmen.

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Six Steps to Safe, Long-Lasting Bells

Long-Lasting Bells

Bells are an investment, and regular maintenance is less expensive than major repairs. Regular inspection and servicing can ensure that your bell is ringing and properly maintained for safety and longevity.

  1. Keep detailed bell records: include information such as original installation date, name and number of the company the bell was purchased from, and all inspection and service details and dates. Take photos for insurance purposes.

  2. Assign one person responsibility for bell upkeep: depending on budget and staffing, either assign a church employee or bring in an outside bell service contractor.

  3. Conduct regular inspections: Read more…How to care for your bells

  4. Clean the bells: To restore shine and glory to your bells, occasionally consider metal restoration coatings or other refinishing activities. Check with your Verdin representative. Contact Us

  5. Keep the bell chamber clear of bird droppings: droppings hold moisture, encourage decay and rust, and can present fire danger. Using well-fitting mesh over all openings can keep birds out of the chamber, making it easier to keep frames, bells, and bearings clean, and to perform regular inspections and maintenance.

  6. Know the three signs of bell problems: Read more…How to care for your bells

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In Their Own Words:

Our bells now ring daily. Reviving the bell sounds have inspired the church and our extended community in ways we never imagined.”
— Father Martin Moran, Pastor of Holy Cross-Immaculata Catholic Church

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