Peals, Chimes, and Carillons

The Sounds of America's
Most Beautiful Bells


A peal is comprised of two to eight bells and is a popular arrangement for playing music in churches, colleges, and town squares. Peals are often rung as a call to worship to mark the time of day. The melodious pealing sound is derived from an ever-changing pattern as bells ring together or singularly at pendulum rates. The most popular peal is the three-bell peal which sounds the first, third, and fifth notes of a major chord.

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Cast bell chimes create beautiful melodies that immediately enhance any community, church, university, and commercial venue. Consisting of nine to 22 bells, chimes are usually arranged in a diatonic scale, which is similar to the arrangement of black and white piano keys. As a result, tunes and melodies can be played in more than one key.

The most popular range for cast bell chimes is 14 bells, which allows most hymns and melodies such as "Silent Night" and "The Star Spangled Banner" to be played without alteration.

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Carillons offer listeners a diverse musical range comprised of at least two octaves of tuned bells. This allows for full musical expression. Each custom made cast bell carillon consists of 23 or more bells played from a keyboard console linked directly to bell clappers. Verdin bell carillons with traditional wooden keyboards are featured at Brigham Young University; the University of Texas; the Thomas Reese Memorial Carillon in Springfield, IL; the National Zoological Park in Washington, DC; the University of Kansas at Lawrence, and many other prominent locations across America.

Using the latest bell ringing technology, Verdin developed a touch-sensitive cast bell carillon that can be played with piano-style keyboard, making the beautiful sound of carillon bells available to any community. Installations of this Verdin technology may be heard at the University of Texas at Tyler; Gardner-Webb University; and Coastal Carolina University.

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