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For bells are the voice of the church...”
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Church Bells Fulfill an Important Role
in the Community

For centuries, church bells have played a prominent role in the history of countries, communities, and places of worship throughout the world. Historically, church bells have served as timekeepers, used to mark the hour for work, prayer, and community gatherings. In addition, church bells today often ring to commemorate occasions and events. The melodious sound of cast bronze church bells is timeless. Enclosed in prominent landmark towers and steeples, church bells are known and recognized, both by sight and sound, as local fixtures — representing the enduring quality of community.

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Verdin casts the finest bronze bells, enabling churches to create their own piece of history. Verdin church bells are cast bronze, each unique and hand crafted for a specific customer. Six generations of Verdins have been dedicated to the utmost quality, crafting bronze bells in the same tradition of workmanship as those from the 15th century, using 21st century innovations and capabilities.

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Verdin church bells

Verdin church bells celebrate life and liberty, call parishioners to prayer, chime in celebration, toll in reverence, ring in remembrance, and mark time. They call us to honor our past and set the tone for our future. Bringing order and inspiration to life, church bells have always been, and will continue to be, a cherished part of community life.

Bells make a daily statement that the church is alive and well in the local community”
— Lawrence Thomas, Cincinnati, Ohio

The Voice of the Church

For centuries, bells have played a major role in our lives—giving voice to the church. It's a tradition that runs deep and inspires the whole community.

The Verdin Company invites you to discover our selection of digital carillons. Comprised of the real sounds of cast bronze bells, our digital carillons include hundreds of musical and liturgical programs, peals, tolls, swinging bells and Westminster Chimes. Today, Verdin digital carillons allow churches to compose or select beautiful cast bronze bell music and hymns.

Cast Bronze Bells
Swinging Bell

The ringing of a single bell traditionally called people to church. At the pull of a bell rope, the bell swings back and forth, causing the clapper inside to strike it. The change in tone and volume as the bell moves toward and away from the listener creates the familiar sound, “Ding Dong.”

Cast Bronze Bells
Pealing Bells

A peal is two or more church bells swinging in a beautiful, random pattern. The larger, heavier bells move more slowly than the smaller, lighter ones. This “pealing of the bells” typically celebrates the end of a wedding ceremony and other joyous occasions.

Cast Bronze Bells
Tolling Bells

A stationary bell struck by a heavy striker produces an even, stately sound. Large bells are “tolled” slowly in this manner during funeral processions and solemn occasions.

Cast Bronze Bells
Westminster Chime

Many simple melodies have been composed for bells, and the Westminster Chime has endured as the world’s most popular. This chime requires four properly tuned bells, the lowest of which marks the hour and quarter hour.

Cast Bronze Bells

The Angelus, long been part of the Catholic tradition, is recited three times each day – morning, noon, and evening – to the sound of bells whose pattern coincides with the three Hail Marys and the ending prayer. The Angelus can be rung using a single bell or a group of bells, but the most famous is the St. Anne de Beaupre three-bell Angelus.

Cast Bronze Bells
De Profundis

The slow, solemn, and measured toll of the bourdon bell marks the end of the day at 9 p.m. The name comes from the first two Latin words of Psalm 129, meaning “out of the depths.” This prayer for the departed was a common community evening prayer.

Cast Bronze Bells
Hymns & Melodies

Few sounds call your church community to mass like a peal of bells or a familiar hymn. Verdin digital carillons fill every sanctuary and community – no matter how large or small – with the beautiful melodies of church bells.

Cast Bronze Bells
Bell Towers

Verdin’s digital carillons are remarkably affordable, quick and easy to schedule, and provide high fidelity sound of cast bells, tolls, peals, saVerdin offers a wide range of tower choices, all designed to inspire your church and extended community with the rich sound of cast bronze bells.

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Digital Carillons
Digital Bell Carillons

Verdin’s digital carillons are remarkably affordable, quick and easy to schedule, and provide high fidelity sound of cast bells, tolls, peals, sacred hymns, and spiritual melodies.

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Digital Carillons
Patriotic Melodies and Hymns

Bells inspire us throughout the year. Patriotic melodies and hymns can ring out on special occasions, honor our past, and set the tone for our future. The songs include hymns, military themes, national songs, and uplifting melodies.

Church Bell Restoration and Preservation

Church Bell Restoration and Preservation

While cast bronze bells are, for the most part, indestructible, the mechanical parts supporting the bell frame are not. Constant exposure to weather, extremes of temperature, and neglect can cause the mechanical elements to deteriorate and become unsafe.

The Verdin Company can help maintain, service, restore, and repair your church bells and bell ringing equipment. When was the last time your church bells were serviced for safety and maintenance issues? Learn more about bell service and preservation.

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