Watch how bells are tuned

Watch how bells are tuned

Bells are made to a certain tone or note. This note is determined by its diameter and the thickness of the metal part of the bell. Some small adjustments can be made to the bell after casting or the bell can be hung as cast (a Maiden bell).

The tone (i.e. - the overall sound quality) is determined by several factors, including where the bell is struck and its composition as well as its nominal tuning. The note of a bell is made up of several overtones or partials and these affect how the bell sounds overall.

All bronze bells for Verdin Carillons are tuned to high standards. Bells are cast slightly thicker than required, that is, with all the partial tones higher in pitch than their correct positions in the scale. By a careful process of removing just the right amount of metal at different levels inside the bell, the partials are then lowered to the correct positions.

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Verdin Carillon Completes World-Class Performing Arts Center

Verdin installs 47 cast bronze bells in the 17-story tower for The Smith Center–a world-class performing arts center in Las Vegas.

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The Smith Center Bell Carillon

Cast Bronze Bells

The Warm, Rich Tones of Bells

The World's Most Beautiful Sound

The crisp, clear sound of Verdin cast bronze bells rings from 50,000 installations around the world. Verdin cast bronze bells call parishioners and congregations to prayer, chime in reverence, ring joyously to mark new beginnings, toll in remembrance, and provide Westminster Chimes and time strikes across college campuses and communities around the country.

Cast Bronze Bells

Verdin offers swinging or stationary bells, new cast bronze bells, cast bell carillons, historic pre-owned bells/used bells, electronic digital carillons, and bell towers. The next time you hear a peal of cast bells, chimes, or carillon bells, chances are the're Verdin bells.

Verdin Bells: Standing the Test of Time

Since 1842 The Verdin Company has been recognized as the preeminent manufacturer of the highest quality cast bronze bells, electronic bells and carillons systems, clocks and bell towers, digital bell controllers, and repair & restoration of existing cast bells. Verdin continues to provide the highest quality and most reliable products and service available.

Watch » Verdin Bell Casting

Verdin Bell Casting

The History of Cast Bronze Bells

Bells have played a major role in our lives for several centuries, long before Christian churches made bells an important part of their ceremony. The ancient Egyptians used bells in the worship of their god Osiris. Moses introduced bells into the ceremony of the Jewish religion, and Roman countrymen fastened bells to their chariots to express gratitude to the gods for success in battle.

In medieval times, the ringing of bells was believed necessary to chase evil spirits from doorsteps, to quiet storms at sea, and to protect a person's soul at death. It was during this time that the custom of affixing symbols and inscriptions on bells was born.

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Bells were also used as early timekeepers, telling villagers when to eat and sleep as well as alerting of dangers such as enemy invasion. Bells tolled whenever someone lay near death to remind the community to pray for the sick, and upon death, bells tolled out his age. It is said that a person never forgets the sound of his village bell, no matter how many years he is away from home.

During WWII, bells were melted down and made into weapons. After the war ended, many became bells again and were used to announce the celebrations that followed.

Bells no longer order our lives as in years past, but they continue to inspire and announce the time in communities and churches around the world. The tradition of ringing bells lives on.

In Their Own Words:

Our bells now ring daily. Reviving the bell sounds have inspired the church and our extended community in ways we never imagined.”
— Father Martin Moran, Pastor of Holy Cross-Immaculata Catholic Church

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