Restoring Church Bells

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Six important steps to
long-lasting, safe bells

Six important steps to
long-lasting, safe bells

Bells are expensive investments. Over time, bell hardware becomes worn and fragile. Regular maintenance is always cheaper than repairs after years of neglect.

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Bell Ringing Equipment

Bell Ringing Equipment

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Automating the Ringing of Your Bells

Since inventing the first electric bell ringer in America in 1927, The Verdin Company has been making the art of bell ringing easier and more accessible. Our electric bell ringers and automatic controllers offer you incredible flexibility for ringing your bells. All Verdin bell-ringing equipment is manufactured using the latest materials and digital programming. Depending on your needs, Verdin offers two bell ringing options:

Swinging Bell Ringer

1. Swinging Bell Ringer

Verdin’s silent, precision-built swinging bell ringer is a custom engineered system that will ring any bell with the correct swing for maximum richness of tone. With Verdin’s swinging bell ringers, bells can be rung automatically or switch-controlled.

Stationary Bell Ringer

2. Stationary Bell Ringer

In places where a structure can’t handle the stress of a swinging bell, or when aesthetics won’t permit swinging bells, Verdin offers stationary bell ringers. The precise hammer and bronze clappers allow the bell to ring in a stationary position, and can be used to convert bells in older towers or frames. Verdin’s stationary bell ringers are so precise that most people can’t tell the difference between our stationary bell ringers and an actual swinging bell.

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Verdin’s Digital Bell Controller

Digital Bell Controller

When Verdin invented the Digital Bell Controller, they created the cutting edge of controllers in the bell industry. Designed for any bell system—old or new—the controller replaces the outdated mechanical clock, making it easier to program bells and handle power outages and Daylight Savings Time. Verdin’s Digital Bell Controller can be used with both swinging and stationary bells, as well as tower clocks.

The DBC 870 has virtually unlimited capacity to program the bell ringing functions of any cast bell configuration, including single bells, peals, and hourly chimes. Programming choices include the Westminster chime, funeral tolls, hour and half hour strikes, wedding peals, and call to worship bells. The DBC 850 also has a special Doppler system that enables a stationary bell ringer to simulate the sound of a swinging bell.

Updating and Restoring Old Bell Ringing Equipment

Over time, bell hardware becomes worn and fragile, making the ringing of the bells unsafe. A recent article in Sacred Places magazine highlights the importance of regular maintenance, inspection, and repair of bell ringing equipment.

Verdin can update your bell equipment to ensure it rings properly, is structurally safe and sound in the tower, and your church bells maintain the clear, warm sounds they originally had.

Verdin's Bell Ringing Equipment

Manufacturing bell ringing equipment is an important hallmark of the Verdin bell business. Verdin designs, engineers, and manufactures a complete line of replacement bell equipment that improves the playability and tone of bells. Each Verdin bell striker is custom-fit to meet the requirements of stationary or swinging bells, and the customer's unique arrangement of bells.

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