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The art of creating a cast bronze bell is steeped in centuries-old history and ritual. Bellfounder's often crafted the bell in the courtyard of the local church where it was to be placed.

The two-day Bell Foundry On Wheels event involves the entire community and includes the on-site casting of a 250-pound bronze bell by the world’s only mobile bell foundry.

A great way to commemorate a historic date, celebrate a community anniversary, or make the bell casting event part of a larger dedication.

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Bell Foundry

Experience a Bell Casting

Verdin Bell Casting: as Seen on Discovery Channel

For more than six centuries the basic process for casting bells has not changed. Even though mechanical lathes and modern electronic turning devices are now being used, the precise art of bell casting continues to rely on old world skills that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Every Verdin Cast Bronze Bell is handcrafted. Verdin will cast any size bell from six pounds up to the famous World Peace Bell weighing 66,000 pounds.

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