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Chime of Bells To Be Restored

When The Cadet Chapel at The U.S. Military Academy at West Point needed their chime of bells restored, they chose Verdin.

Verdin removed the twelve bells from The Cadet Chapel at The United States Military Academy at West Point to undergo full restoration. The restoration project happens once every one hundred years to ensure the quality and safety of the bells. The Chime of bells are played by a special team of cadets. Their musical ministry is heard nearly every day the Academy is in session. The whole instrument was installed in 1919 with bells made by Meneely in Troy, New York. Photo courtesy Tommy Gilligan/West Point Public Affairs.

Verdin invented the first electric bell ringer in America in 1927. Since that time, the manufacturing of bells and bell ringing equipment has been an important area of the Verdin business. Verdin designs, engineers, and manufactures replacement bell equipment that ensure the safety as well as improves the playability and tone of bells. Verdin bell equipment is custom-fit to meet the requirements of stationary or swinging bells: the size and weight, the manufacturer, and the customer’s unique arrangement of bells.

Verdin is America's only bell company that restores, upgrades, installs, and services all bells and bell ringing equipment. While most bronze bells last forever, the mechanical parts and supporting equipment of a bell need updated or replaced from time to time. Verdin provides new bell ringing equipment and hardware to restore bells to their original beauty and resonance.

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